The E66 does have an improved email client

Despite what people have been saying Nokia must have improved the built in email client of the new E series devices. I’ve been using the E66 and have set up the email client to use imap with gmail and it’s worked perfect for the last week. The idle works as it should, it sits there waiting for new mail and the server when it receives mail pushes out to the client.

I switched to using the N95 email client yesterday and that has the newer settings but it doesn’t do idle correctly. This evening I’ve swapped over to my E61i and that has the old settings still and doesn’t do idle at all, it didn’t even check with the server in the 5 minute intervals I set.

This is shockingly bad implementation of imap from Nokia and with gmail now offering imap and Apple flaunting imap as the real push email solution Nokia needs to fix this in the firmware release for the current phones. They obviously can do it and have done so with the E66, but they need to fix it on the not so new devices.

So if you haven’t got a new e-series, forget imap and go with exchange, if you’ve got a new e-series dump exchange and go with idle and manage a single inbox…goodnight.

3 thoughts on “The E66 does have an improved email client

  1. hello Rob,
    Does E71 has good IMAP-idle like E66?
    PS. Which do you recommend? E71 or E66? Which is performing better? Ive had E65 and E61 and E61i…and all the Nseries:-)

  2. great news and great post Rob.

    Any idea of the ‘heartbeat’ data usage that the IMAP-idle uses?

    OF course it’s not really push email in the true sense but will give an identical experience.

    This might swing the e66 for me. Hows your battery life experience?

  3. The data usage isn’t huge at all, using about 60 -70 a month at the moment, couldn’t tell you what imap was pulling..sorry.

    With regard to imap idle battery life, with the E66 it was about 20 hours (5min interval, 3G). For the E71 it’s about 2 days solid, again 5min interval also on 3G (and with Jaiku also running on ‘more up to date’ so there’s two data connections running). I’m doing a just voice test on the E71 at the moment with nothing running, it’s gone 1 full day on full battery, so I’m guess it’ll last 4 days.


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