Broken Hotspots

I’ve been working from home a lot lately, so to break the days up I’ve been taking advantage of my openzone subscription and the roaming agreement between openzone and T-mobile to camp out in my local starbucks, Chester.

Today I decided to try out the other starbucks at the retail park, just for a change of scenery. However, the wireless wouldn’t work. I tried most of the usual tricks and it just wouldn’t connect.

This is the second starbucks now where the wireless failed to work. So I ended up buying a coffee and doing some work but not being online.

The lesson learnt here is check to make sure you can get online before you buy your coffee. The second lesson, starbucks at retail parks are very busy as it’s more than likely the only coffee shop there.

So the two starbucks to avoid if you want to get online are Welfield road, Cardiff, and Borders Book store, Ellesmere Park.

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KPN, Oxxio, IBM in wireless energy deal

KPN, Oxxio, and IBM said they will work together to provide wireless energy meters that can be read remotely. In a news release Monday, the three companies said that all of
Oxxio’s 570,000 energy customers will be fitted with a digital meter at
home which will automatically transmit information about gas and
electricity consumption to a central computer. KPN will be providing network connections, while IBM will be providing the information technology infrastructure, they said. The datacommunications contract between KPN and IBM will be for two years, with an option to extend for another five years.

When this deal hit my desk months back it was obvious it was something interesting. It’s good to see deals like this make the news. [via]


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The N90 has it’s own blog, The NSeries Blog

It’s not clear whether it’s actually Nokia behind it. (I don’t think so)

But it’s a clear example of how a product could have a blog to promote it self.

UPDATE: Nokia is behind the site. Andy has left a comment (below).

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IBM employees play with podcasting

What do you
get when you hand 320,000 employees the tools and corporate podcasting
guidelines to internally publish their audio creations? In IBM Corp.’s
experience, lower phone bills and better, more informal internal

Lower phone bills are surely a by product, the increased sharing of key information is the most important element of this story in ITWorld.

There are still an awfull lot of people who don’t know what a podcast is, but it’s a positive message that it’s being imbraced.

I’ve subscribed to the Telcom’s podcast channel, so I get all the Telecom industry conf calls that get recorded in MP3 and other shows.

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ITU refuses to accept net governance agreement

"The internet need not be one Net controlled by one centre," he said.
"Regionalisation has already started and I suspect in a few years, the
simile of the internet will be a quite different one."

Is what the  ITU secretary-general Yoshio Utsumi said as the IGF summit ended.

And this is what the register said about it.

The statement is a depressing pointer to the fact that the four-year
debate on net governance, which ended in agreement on Tuesday with only
hours to go, may have achieved very little. Utsumi effectively said
that the international consensus reached was the wrong one.

In the early days of the net, the ITU saw the network as an extension
of the international telephone network that it oversees. It foresaw –
and heavily pushed – the image of a network where governments and
telephone companies controlled the means of access, something that
would have resulted in enormous connection charges and greatly reduced
individual freedom on the Net.

What with Net Neutrality and this regionalisation proposed by the ITU it appears the net is under some serious scrutiny right now.

My view is that for the economic benefit of those nations that use the internet it must be kept free of the constraints that certain people want to impose on it. Those people are the ones loosing  money to businesses that have grown via the innovation that the net promotes.

Intelligence at the edge must prevail to encourage innovation and growth. Those people just need to look at the glass as half full not half empty all the time.

But behind all this. I bet the mesh network guys are licking their lips at the prospect of creating a backbone free (read Telco free) network.

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