Eurobites: I Heard a Rumor…

sorry I’m really raiding the light reading web pages this evening, but it’s got some really good stuff posted there. As you can see I’m back posting a few more on topic posts having been very busy at work  (which has included trips to Stockholm, Amsterdam, New York and several trips  to London)
Anyway..this is another article that’s interesting from an EMEA perspective. I’ll be forwarding it to my EMEA managers in the morning.

UK: Ethernet’s Crowded House

Wow this is an interesting article, pretty relevant to what’s going on at work right now.

Demand for Ethernet services
continues to boom in the U.K., but Europe’s most competitive market can
make things tough for service providers, a trend that’s reflected in a
global directory of Ethernet services being compiled by Light Reading.

That directory shows that at least 42 companies offer some form of Ethernet service in the U.K., from niche players such as AboveNet Inc.,
which operates in London as a link for its US coverage, to tiny ISPs
offering Ethernet-based Internet access, to large carriers such as BT Group plc (NYSE: BTYmessage board; London: BTA) offering service nationwide.
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BT Moves on Video, Italy

U.K. incumbent operator BT Group plc (NYSE: BTmessage board;
London: BTA) has taken its latest step toward triple play, announcing a
new business unit devoted to entertainment services (see BT Creates Entertainment Division

The new unit will be part of BT
Retail, the division that provides residential and business services in
the U.K., and which is currently looking for a new CEO (see BT’s Danon Quits for Capgemini
). BT has appointed its head of value-added services, Andrew Burke, to
run the unit, and it has poached the head of the U.K. division of Universal Studios Networks, Dan Marks, to develop its video-over-broadband services and relationships with major content partners.
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We knew this was starting happen, it was Energis and the BBC last week.

3G profitability threatened by Public Wireless LAN competition

3G profitability threatened by Public Wireless LAN competition, says Analysys


* 3G could displace Public WLAN, offering near-ubiquitous higher-speed Internet/intranet services
* 3G capacity and cost limitations require control of usage and careful pricing
* 3G tariffs offering unlimited usage may devastate margins
* Integrated 3G/WLAN services can avoid filling 3G networks with low-margin traffic
* 3G operators must avoid common pricing across 3G and WLAN services
* Report examines 3G, Public WLAN and integrated services and identifies optimum approaches for offering Internet/intranet services

They are all points that need to be taken into account, but there’s one thing that’s not quite clear. What the service intergrators going to use to deliver a service. Could you see an SI using a public wi-fi point to provide connectivity for a ATM, somehow I don’t think so. But the same SI may use a 3g service  to provide the connectivity.


We’re in a bit of a transition phase at the  moment at work between GPRS data cards and 3G datacards. I’m still of the view that in most places where you’ve got the time and the environment to get online there’s usually a wireless network.

I’ve looked at the BT wireless package and I’m a tad reluctant to give them any more money and tie myself into being just able to use their networks.

So Boingo looks interesting, I’ll maybe  give the free trial ago and see how it goes.

But are there any other companies doing something like Boingo out there?

Cardiff to become first UK hotspot

The BBC reported back in May that Cardiff is to become the first city in the UK to offer wire-free internet coverage in central areas of the city.

And Chester…here’s the AP’s near to my house.

Node Name Distance (Meters) Bearing
tholian 887 324
M3LCR 1491 217
Lostie 3810 247
Cheshire_N0_Cat 4009 121
Mickle Trafford 4359 32
northernStar 8121 264 10446 240
MMCA 12351 287
PiggyBack 13923 135 15451 57
robt 16697 210
atomicrevs-1 17960 41
Stu1 18649 216
blacksun 19721 335


I’ve got a slot in my calendar this week to meet the new MCI VP for  EMEA. That should be interesting. MCI are very keen in the voice market place right now. But I still hear talk about them looking for somebody to buy them.