10 things I’ve learnt after a few months with a Surface pro 3

I recently shifted from a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon over to a Surface pro 3 (i7 512GB and 8GB ram) and here are 10 thoughts after a few months with it…

1) it’s fast.

2) I don’t carry my ipad any longer, as it’s a great weight and size.

3) the pen, I just don’t use it, can’t get with writing on the screen, have used Evernote, must try harder here.

4) the keyboard, it’s less bouncy and more ‘notebook-like’ flat on the desk, rather than inclined, grown to like it, it’s not a ‘buttery’ smooth as the X1’s but it’s good enough (flat)

5) the screen adjusts brightness according to ambient light, so no additional app like on a mac needed.

6) battery life is great, not sure it’s 10hrs but beats an X1.

7) trying to unlock the device without the keyboard attached is a game of chance, a really annoying and bad experience.

8) the usb slot on the power brick is a great touch.

9) the screen quality is very good, better than the X1’s.

10) no sim card slot ..that’s a very odd omission for a ‘mobile tablet/hybrid’ and I miss that from my X1 which had a 4G SIM in it.

11) sorry.. only one control key (it’s on the left) means hitting CTRL-Home in spreadsheets is a two handed affair.

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