back travelling

The traveling is starting to pick up again, this week has seen a day trip to Dublin and today and tomorrow in London and then Paris Monday. I always love the 4am start on a Monday to catch the 6am flight to CDG.

I keep meaning to write up more of the travel stuff. I spend enough time standing around in airports and now that I have a new SPV M3100, there’s no excuse.

3 dumps roaming charges

3 recently launched the X-series package with unlimited data and now they’ve ditched roaming charges. I can only see this as an attempt to stave of closure and gain some interest and some customers.

3 has to be an interesting alternative to the big three (Voda, O2 and Orange). I’m sure there will be subscriber figures on the web someplace and in time we’ll be able to see what impact these bold moves had on thier customer base. [via]

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iPhone patent wars

Apply has THE iPhone, Cisco owns the patent on iPhone and now the battle starts. My own view here, is Apple is a little hipocritical. They obviously don’t own the iPhone patent (is it just the trademark they need?) yet Apple fight tooth and nail if anyone infrignes on their patents/brands and they also tried to patent podcast (the cheek!) when they clearly had nothing to do with it’s invention.

Anyway, we’ll soon see how this plays out and once’ll be the lawyers who win (again).

iPhone does look cool

OK OK the apple Computer inc phone looks pretty cool. I’m sure it’ll be the must have device of 2007. Europe is scheduled for 4Q 2007, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I wonder if they do a deal with a single carrier here in Europe?

Anyway..go check out the pics and details. here

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The end of N70

..well you might of guessed from the previous post I have (yet) another new phone. This spells the end of the Nokia N70. I stuck with it for about 5 months (too long) and it’s going on eBay as soon as I find the box. I just never got comfy with it, it was just too large, too slow and it’s buttons too small. The interface S60 yes it’s robust has plenty of free apps for it, but just looks awfull. So it had to go. It was obviously a successful product for Nokia, as the N70 was the number 1 camera phone on Flickr, but I just never got on with it.

Maybe I should have waited a little while longer an got an N80 instead, but the N80 has vanished from Orange’s current phone line up so there must be some issue with the phone. I heard horror stories about the N91 too.

So after having a Nokia 2140 on Orange back in 1995 and ditching that in favour of an Ericsson er500, 12 years later I’m doing it again and ditching the Nokia.