HP: Exiting from Network Gear?



         Hewlett-Packard (HPQ
) is in advanced talks to sell all or part of its ProCurve networking
equipment business to one or more private-equity firms, according to
sources close to the discussions.

It’s only getting out of networking equipment, I wonder if it’s going to pull out of networking out-sourcing too.

Belkin AP

I replaced the Linksys AP (WEP11) with a Belkin AP today. it’s 802.11G and backward compatible too. So I’ve got a 54mbps wireless network now.

It’s mush more stable, I’ve no idea why the Linksys just died it’s been in constant use for 3 nearly 4 years, but I guess that length of service isn’t bad.

When I bought it you couldn’t get Wireless and a modem/router in one box like you can now. So I still have too boxes which means it’s easier to fix a single separate box should anything break.

secondary screen

  secondary screen 
  Originally uploaded by Rob Evans.

Had a bad day with wireless today the AP died so it’s back to a wired connection for a while until I replace the AP.

But it dawned on me that as I was now having to sit at the PC desk that I could use the secondary screen function.

So i now have sametime clients, IP phone on the secondary (laptop) screen and everything else on the main monitor.

Fear of Huawei?

One of Ron’s friends gave him this snippet of information;

“The Indian government has put a hold on Huawei Technologies
business in India following an analysis showing that the country’s
strategic telecommunications network could be compromised by Huawei’s
presence. Of particular concern are Huawei’s ties to the Chinese
government and military, the report says. Huawei, which has operated in
India since 1999, has not commented.”

An interesting development wouldn’t you say. Maybe the India government think that all the network devices pass top secret information back to Bejing when they’re not looking.

GTD & mNotes & C500

I’ve been using Brett’s GTD template within Lotus Notes to track all the things I have to do and I’m pretty pleased so far. On Brett’s site it mentions mNotes and it working with the GTD template but it doesn’t provide exactly how to get the DB onto my SPV C500. So I dropped Commontime a note for some help and they responded as quickly as normal.

So here’s how I did it.

1. On your PC, open the control database by going into Lotus Notes and
using File > Database > Open then scrolling down to the Cadenza folder,
opening that folder and then opening the control database.
2. Select the Profiles view.
3. Select your profile and click on Edit to open the profile in edit mode
(make sure you select the correct profile for your PDA type).
4. Select and expand the Databases section.
5. Select the Task (todo) subsection.
6. Enter details of the GTD database as follows:

under Personal Mode > Database: the name and path (relative to Notes/Domino data
folder) of the database. in my case that was simply "my GTD List.nsf" as it’s stored locally within the notes/data directory.

7. Click save and you come out of the profile editing page.
8. Reset the to-do list on your smartphone and then sync up.

You then get all your actions listed on your phone. I’m not exactly sure how much use that is right now but we’ll see.