Worlds apart

This worries me slightly, and I’ll talk about it here rather than even more comments on Roger’s blog.

Roger posted a few days back about how is friend has written a book on Online Radio.."How internet radio can change the world".

About 10 days later Om Malik posts on the topic too..but his view is worlds apart, his post title is "Who needs online Radio".

Roger’s pal, Eric Lee has missed the boat a little. who needs all the hassle of online radio and specifically radio broadcasting when you have podcasting is my view and that of Om too.

Now the reason why this worries me, Roger has a role at OFCOM on the consumer panel, so? you ask, well, Roger is writing about books that are, not quite years but, definitely months (things move fast on the ‘tinternet’) behind.

I don’t think Roger knows about podcasting (I’ve searched his blog and there’s no mention).

Please Roger tell me that as member of the consumer panel that you’re aware of podcasting and therefore aware of the trends of the consumer and that you honestly don’t think internet radio can change the world.


I spent the morning in IBM Bedfont Lakes (hence all the driving!) with 3 players in the OSS market place. So it was an interesting day and I learnt some new stuff about how I could better manage SLA leakage amongst other things. The key part for me was the inventory management elements…so a good day.


Today I spent 7 hours driving, 3.5hours in the morning and 3.5 hours in the evening and a day of meetings from 9am to 4pm…I must be nut’s doing that much driving in one day on top of a full days work…but working at home tomorrow so no driving.

Business Week

I’ve been subscribing to Business 2.0 as an emagazine using the zinio reader which is nice if a little clunky at times. I managed to get hold of a couple of copies of Business Week and they are more interesting and more upto date and less silicon valley. So I’ve been thinking of not renewing the Bussiness 2.0 subscription and signing up for Business Week. It’s a little more expensive as it’s a weekly publication but if it offers more content that’s relevant to me.


I need to upload some of the photo’s on my phone to Flickr soon as they are starting to build up. i took a reasonable number in Paris including the view from my club president roof terrace 😉


Just uploading the latest maps to my GPS snooper via RS232..I haven’t played with anything for years that has an RS232 interface. The snooper itself has a power cable and then an RS232 cable. I don’t understand why it couldn’t have had a USB connection. Then only one cable would have been needed…anyway..back to the downloading.