Within five years or so, the familiar land-line “telco” and even the mobile operator will disappear, in his view. Instead, broadband service providers will replace them, selling packages, bundles or channels of communications, information and entertainment.

Olivier Baujard, chief technology officer of AlcatelLucent, the telecommunications equipment giant says so. [via].

He’s not exacltly making bold futuristic claims is he. I think we all expect the telco landscape to look somewhat different to it us today. I don’t think we’ll see the likes of BT or AT&T vanish from the coporate world, but I do seem them morphing into new companies with a content and supply business. If I knew hoe to do votes, I’d set one up to see which telco’s we expect to see thrive and which will die.

Anyway..Happy Holidays to my readers..and talk in the new year!

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WarGames 2

WarGames the 1983 film is about to get a sequel, “WarGames 2: The Dead Code”. WarGames was the first film that had computers and modems and stuff in it. I just had my Comodore 64 for christmas that year and was busy writing artificial inteligence (well sort of) programs for it.

How did I get to WarGames, well Richard Cadenhead is getting sued by MGM as he owns the domain MGM obviously want it, but it sounds like Richard has a legitimate use for it. One to watch. [via]

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So the iPhone is out…

..just not that iPhone. [via]

I’m after a new desk phone my current Panasonic one is breaking up. The speakphone stopped a while back, now the ear piece is broken too and I don’t want to hold a phone to my ear for 5 hours every day.

I’d like to get another DECT with speaker phone, but would be keen to try a combined Skype one too.

Anybody recomment a good one?

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The future for Orange could soon be Google in your pocket

The Observer (originally of Manchester) has a post on how Orange and Google are working together. The google phone is already here. You can get google mail, google maps, google local and google calendar (third party) all on your mobile in a mobile freindly format.

We already know people don’t buy phones because of the network, they buy the phone they want on which ever network gives it to them cheapest. They also buy them based on what they look like not the OS they run.

I don’t think a google phone will be a hit, I think a iPhone will becuase it’ll look cool.

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Skype for Smartphones

JK posted on the new Beta release a couple of days back. I’ve been tempted to install it on my SPV C600 for a few days but finally got around to doing a reset and then installing it. I had too many apps on there to allow Skype to install and it wouldn’t install to a memory card.

The C600 doesn’t have wi-fi but does pass through to the laptop which is a bit of a poor way to use skype when you can use it on your laptop anway. But texting via it should be interesting along with the presence benefits.

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I’m Back I’m back online and blogging again.

Obviously the last few weeks have been a little hectic, Callie is pilling on the the pounds so is doing just great, her sleeping is getting better only up once during the night already not bad for 4 weeks old.

The other big news is I’ve changed jobs, don’t panic, I’m still with IBM just changed to a Business management role…I’m now the EMEA Network Service Delivery Business Operations Manager.  I’ll post a bit more about what that entails soon.