Christmas Vacation

Just a note to let you know I’m going to try and disconnect over the vacation to spend time with my family. I intend to take some photo’s, I’ve neglected the Canon 400D for a few weeks, so the batteries are charged and it’s ready to rock.

So merry Christmas to you all!

Nokia Music app is a fail

I installed the Nokia Music App v1.0 a few days back to give it a try and see if I could manage my music on my E71 using it.

The clue here is version 1.0, that’s the key point, it’s the first version and it’s shockingly bad. The music sync is so slow and constantly fails. So updating the E71 with new music was a painful experience.

The killer reason it’s been wiped from my Netbook is I when fired up my booted yesterday, it got stuck in a hideous loop and wouldn’t load or install the new version it stated I needed to install. A trip to the Nokia web site and a download of the latest version fixed it.

The whole experience has further tainted my experience of Nokia software. The Nokia PC suite is about as flaky as it gets, it used to be good now it’s rubbish. The best app ever from Nokia was lifeblog, which was great, but that’s been sidelined. Nokia is going to have to shape up if it’s going to move into software. The PC software is an important part of the experience these days, so a badly implemented solution is going to turn people off from Nokia, just look at Apple’s iTunes integration.

There are some other Nokia software horror stories bouncing around, messing up people’s OVi sign on’s, the whole OVi strategy is a mess though.

Anyway, I’ll just sideload music directly onto the E71 from now, on come on Nokia sort it out.