Yet more viruses picked up

Yet more viruses
picked up another virus at work, the welcher virus this time, so not bad for a week, blaster, welcher and a whole load of emails from people with the sobig.f virus too!….This surely must be one of the worst weeks in virus history. It hasn’t knocked my productivity too badly, it’s just the extra scanning of all the files on my laptop, with a scan taking around 40 minutes, it’s spent 2 hours of the day scanning for viruses that get through the MS patch..not good.

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ok..i’ve now got w.blogger to

ok..i’ve now got w.blogger to work so I don’t have to be online on use the web browser to post. However, the template that this tool uses isn’t the same as the online one hence the format change, but it incoporates a spell checker which is good…but still seeing if the media player thing still works…

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… of what basically looks

… of what basically looks like a mini laptop if you think about it…the Sony Clie UX50. At the end of the day the idea is to have the functionality of a laptop without the huge time it takes to boot up or the size and weight…I wonder if anyone has come up up with small device that boots up instantaneously and has all the functions you require plus a decent keyboard, now if somebody had that it would be a real winner…but hey didn’t the PSION5mx do most of that and more?..if only it didn’t have a colour screen and a camera and it would be pretty near perfect. The Psion 5 had what is undisputedly the best keyboard of any palm device.