qset It’s a tiny little


It’s a tiny little app that adjust the quality of the picture taken by the Camera on the Treo. The quality of the pictures are pretty good and really useable. You can see from the pic below, of the junk left behind in Pizza Hut, there is a good level of detail in the shot

Continuing the series.. App 2.

Continuing the series..

App 2.


This has turned the Treo into a truly usable device. It means that you don’t have to press other keys prior the letter to get either the capital or the alternative character. It means that you can enter text with one hand, simply hold down the key for the capital, or press it twice in quick succession to get the alternative character. It also takes into account the favorite buttons set in the phone app. For instance, if I press ‘H’ I get a ‘h’ if I press and hold, I get a ‘H’ if I press it twice in quick succession I get ‘$’, but if I hold it down even longer, it fires up Hotsync.

Getting around to writing up

Getting around to writing up all the apps on my treo in one go, has turned out to be just too much of a big ask. So I’ve decided to talk about one app at a time..so let’s see how many apps we get too!

App 1.

Agendus v.7.06

Pretty much the first app to be moved over to the treo from my Palm V. It just adds so much more functionality to the datebook app. I tried datebk5 before just too big. After a hard reset I never bothered digging the registration code out for Datebk, the functionality just wasn’t there. Agendus allows you to create to-do’s,meetings, calls all from the same screen, you can view the next 14th days ahead and loads of other cool things too.

Today leaving the office I

Today leaving the office I asked for a cab and got a chauffeur driven car. A man dressed in a suit collected me and opened the door for me to the brand new Silver Rover 75. I was then whisked across Manchester City Centre being referred to as Dr Evans, was I warm enough and I got to read a brand new paper in the back….It was great..A shame it had to end so quickly.