IBM upgrades Sametime client to work with Microsoft software

The company said that with Sametime 7.5 users will be able to launch real-time communication sessions from within Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft’s Outlook e-mail client. The company also announced support for RIM, Nokia and Windows Mobile devices.

We’ve had various Sametime clients within IBM for a few years now each with different amounts of functionality, but support for Nokia sounds interesting. That’s assuming my N70 comes back from hell. [via]


I haven't been keeping my travel diary up to date recently.

I've had a few trips to Dublin (the traffic!) and I'm off to Paris tomorrow and then Chicago in early July.

Orange and easyMobile court case to start in November

The pair are getting litigious over the use of the colour orange – Orange alleges easyMobile's orange-flavoured branding will provoke confusion in the market. EasyGroup, however, has been using the colour since its inception and easyMobile says it is simply in line with its branding heritage.

I guess this follows on from the MVNO story below, but Orange was the first to this Market place, but we'll see what the outcome is in about 2010. The only people going to win is the Lawyers. [via]

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Nokia N70 hell

I bought a Nokia N70 on Orange the other day, moving my personal phone to a 3G model. Well I'd read about some of the messing about Orange had done to the handset but couldn't believe how much they'd actually broken the phone.

Opera was gone and the crummy Orange home screen was there, but you couldn't get shot of it. My C500 and C600 both had the home screen but it was easy to go and change it to the default version. But not on the Orange N70, So it went it to a Nokia Repair centre.

Now I've flashed various phones, PDA's in the past no problem, but you can't do Nokia's yourself, they have to go into a repair centre. So I took my N70 into the local Nokia centre and requested that they flash my N70 to the unbranded latest firmware. No problem they said.

An hour or so they rang back and said the firmware upgrade has totaled the phone and it has to go off to Nokia and it'll be back in a week…great.

I hope it's OK when it get's back.

Now when it does get back I'll be able to check out the Symbian OS, thus rounded off all the smartphone OS's out there bar Linux. I'll have had a Treo, Windows 2003 and 2005 OS's and now the Series 60 symbian OS.

It's not off to a good start, but that may be just Orange's fault, but we'll see.