God Helg ramblings

Sorry about the title of the post, but it’s the name on the front of the bottle of water sat next to my laptop, must be good stuff. Anyway, I’m here in Halmstad, visiting the customer tomorrow and the day after. My drive across the bridge was uneventful and the Tomtom western europe maps worked a treat.

Driving on the right takes a little bit of time to get in the swing of things but it soon comes quickly. My hire car has heated seats, like my car at home, which is great on cold mornings, -3.5 this morning in Chester.

I’ve been twittering about how slow the hotel (Quality Hotel, Halmstad) network (telia homerun) is so you’ll see those tweets float past soon.

My flight was delayed two hours which is great, the couple behind me basically turned around at CPH and went straight back home as they’d missed thier meeting slot, shame, think of the global footprint.

There are now two geek events in London over the next few weeks, WOM in early march and Mobile Geeks of London towards the end of Feb. I’m not sure I’ll make either, but we’ll see.

Need to figure out how to VPN back into my home network and then out again, to get to iPlayer and 4oD, to watch some telly whilst traveling, but I don’t think this network could cope so no big deal today.

My recent push to blog more has failed, have some work related news, but can’t say anything just yet, sorry. So just rambling today to get something out there, but my google shared items should be full of new stuff related to either Orange or the land of telco.

Right, signing off, kids woke us up at 5.10 this morning and have been travelling all day so, ttfn.

Club president

I stayed in the Meridian Etoile Hotel and in the Club president floor. It was cool…you had you’re on swipe card access to the floor and it was great watching peoples faces as you jumped into the lift and pressed “club president”..I overheard one american couple talking softly saying “who is that guy ..is he famous?” …i wish.

To be honest I’ve no idea how I ended up on the club president floor..it was all booked by my secretary, the most efficient Marilyn.