Google Sync: Now with push Gmail support

This is good news from Google, it means I can stop the two different methods of getting email and the calendar to sync and just use one. Goosync wil be hit badly by this I guess, but Goosync also syncs contacts too (if you want to keep them seperate from gmail’s).

I’ve been using Nokia Messaging to get my gmail, that can now get binned and Goosync for the calendar, so that can get binned too, but will keep GooSync for contacts to keep a safe set of contacts away from google at this time.

It also means you can free up some space, just have one process running, M4E and get Calendar updates pushed to you as oppossed to having to remember to sync every now and then (goosync is manual sync).

So all this is good news, except I’m off to the Android camp to see what it’s like over there, all this works out of the box there.