Travel Adaptor

Over the past few weeks I’ve been back and forth to Dallas, Amsterdam, London, Brussels and a trip to Hungary too and for each trip I’ve carried at least two adaptors or chargers. But that’s all about to change I’ve switched my trusty adaptor for a new adaptor like href=””>this one. It has the various european and US plugs plus crucial 2 USB sockets which allows me to charge both a phone and an iPad at the same time. So no more multiple adaptors just one from now on. Plus the adaptor has a blue light on it, which is great for testing which socket is live in airport lounges, no longer do you need to plug a phone/laptop in aswel, but just the adaptor itself.

still no LoveFilm on Boxee

We’ve had the Boxee for over a year now and it’s had it’s issue in use, which included the old wireless router not able to stream data fast enough and needing to be replaced with a new Wireless N router.

But now it”s connected to this new network it’s been flawless. iPlayer works like a dream on it and 4OD also works via the browser pretty well as well. So time-shifting TV is pretty easy and reliable now, which is great.

But what’s not working so well is the films, streaming them from the USB HD connected to the router works fine, but it’s the hassle of getting the disks there in the first place is the problem. Ripping some of my DVD’s has been easy, some have had their chapters muddled up in some attempt to prevent copying and others refused to rip at all.

So this is where LoveFilm streaming comes in, I currently have a LoveFilm account and get 2 DVD’s a month, but would happily swap it for streaming on demand to the Boxee and cut out the ripping.

There’s various upsides to a streaming service too, no more back ups, no more worrying about how long the USB HD will last. Music has already reached this position with Spotify which is on Boxee, I wonder when Boxee will get it fixed?

it’s been a while

i noticed that i hadn’t blogged for a few months, it dawned on me as to why, I had an iPad, I stopped producing and started to consume more.

so I just got a Logitech Zagg keyboard and it’s all changed, what a great device, small, acts as a case and has a superb keyboard