life after Lucent?

Om has a rather interesting post on what life is going to be like after the merger of Lucent and Alcatel.

How will Alcatel's proposed megadeal reshape the telecom landscape? Cisco might merge with Motorola, and a host of smaller companies will get snapped up.

I'm not sure if I could see Cisco and Motorola getting hitched, but that's an interesting prospect, you'd get some pretty thin VoIP phones out of it. 

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SIP enabled WM5 on the way?

Smartphone thoughts has a post about Windows Mobile 5 (WM5) being updated to include a SIP client. This would enable the devices to provide VoIP. Nokia has already launched dual GSM and Wi-Fi phones, so I guess Microsoft sees this as the next big battle in the mobile voice space in which to flex their muscle. [via]

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