OK…so far so good, I

OK…so far so good, I think it’s look good…but a few more changes I think..

Anyway..I know google crawls this site so here’s some subject’s on Firewall that could do with some exposure.

Google IPO.

Apple/IBM logo


Nortel exec firing bonanza

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Google IPO

As you’ve probably noticed Google have announced their intention of an IPO. Not exactly ground breaking news I’m bringing you here but, the interesting things is how secret they are about the technology behind the clean simple web page.

People from Google have indicated that each server has things like 2 x 40gb hd’s and then announce that the total disk space is so many zilllion gb’s. But people have done the maths, and it’s either a lot more gb’s per server or a lot more servers then their letting on. On the subject of number of servers, one insider was quoted as saying they had 10,000 servers, but people believe it’s closer to 100,000!

The reason I guess for all the secrecy is, if they came out with hard facts, the likes of Yahoo, etc would go, OK now we know how much hardware we need, therefore we know how much it’s gonna cost us to compete. I don’t think that’s in Google interest if they wish to stay ahead of the pack. So is it poor asset management (here’s a clue..non) or clever thinking about how to stay ahead of the game?

IBM and Cisco

IBM and Cisco have been working together for a while on bringing the infrastructure kit closer together. The idea, I think it to use technology to help fix some of the problems data centres have encountered in the past.

The companies will add to this, starting in June, when Cisco’s Intelligent Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module (IGESM) is integrated with IBM’s BladeCenter systems. IBM reckons the Cisco gear will help improve the security, quality-of-service levels, multicast technology and management of its blade servers. Both companies will help customers design blade systems to make the best use of the products. – Via The Register

This is the bit of the story I like “IBM has warm bodies in its services group standing by to greet the new product in June.” …That’s my team!.. well here in the UK anyway.

The key point here is it links the two largest suppliers together. If you already buy Cisco kit, then it’ll now pay to buy IBM kit to go with it. And vice versa, if you buy IBM kit then you can get more from it if you buy Cisco networking kit. This is something I’ll be keeping my eye on this technology and see how it impacts the actual day to day support of the infrastructure.

Ofcom vows to untie BT’s local loop knot

Again in the Guardian business section, there’s further news on Ofcom’s pledge to try to loosen BT’s grip on the local exchanges. It looks like this might not go away this time for BT. I think the angle of the peice in the Guardian is more concerned with the local loop in terms of provision of ADSL. I’m more interested in seeing other telco’s being able to get into the exchanges and provide thier own connecitivity for the last mile. Whether that’ll happen only Ofcom knows. But analysts at ovum believe that it’ll be too difficult…nah..that’s what BT want’s us to think.

Nortel fires top three in accounts debacle

According to the business section of the Guardian today, Nortel have fired the top three executives as they revealed that the accounting problems are much worse than they first imagined. Four other senior financial people within the company have also been sent home. The sackings have been made in an attempt to restore confidence in the company, however thier shares fell 29% as a result of the news.

Ofcom confirms BT break-up review

Ofcom confirms BT break-up review, again whilst reading The Register, this article makes very interesting reading. BT is aggressively moving into the outsourcing space traditionally dominated by people like IBM, EDS and CSC. BT also has a monopoly on the local loop. Nearly ever single WAN installed requires the final mile being installed by BT.

BT is in a great position to compete in the national WAN market place as it owns the largest network and the last mile. Being able to stitch together your outsourced sites using your own network makes you very competitive. Let’s see how competitive they become if ofcom splits them up.

BT’s loosing business in the home market, everybody that had a second line put in from dial-up internet access is having it ripped out as ADSL only requires one line and hence one line rental.

IT security to go offshore. Maybe

Following the often daily check of the register, I picked up on the article IT security to go offshore. Maybe. In my experience checking firewall logs and device logs to see if any one’s hacked your device has got to be one of the most tedious tasks around. Tools such as log looker etc could be deployed to replace the manual tasks, but there’s tons of other security tasks that are equaly as dull. I’m sure it is a function you could outsource or reduce your costs on by ‘offshoring’.

There’s still a big debate as to whether ‘offshoring’ has a benefit on the home economy. Most of the reports I read state that following ‘offshoring’ the economy benefits, but I bet it’s difficult to get that message through to somebody when it’s thier job that’s being ‘offshored’

VOIP Central

It’s a news and commentary site on all things Voice Over IP that launched on Monday. It’s hosted (what ever that means) by kevin Werbach. The site appears to be a blog format, with articles based around the emerging VOIP space. Note to Rob; drop a link out to the voice guy’s in my team.