Share Online v3.0 and location tagger

I upgraded the share online app on my N95 the other day to the new version 3.0. That added a nice little comments and new photo’s tracker to the homw screen and allows me to read the comments on my flickr pictures on my N95 which is great.

I also installed the Beta App location tagger, it requires that you fire it up before you take your picture so that it can get a GPS fix whilst you’re focusing and taking your pic. You need to adjust your Flickr to accept meta data with GPS co-ordinates, which was easy enough.

So all I need to do is test it out, shame I’m laying off the travelling as much as possible right now.

No 10 is on the social

Just going through my Google reader when I read JP’s street cred post, No 10 is on twitter. That’s pretty cool and it’s obviously pretty new as they are replying to @responses.

But one of the tweets also states they are on Flickr too, so my regard for the people behind the shiny black doors goes up a notch or two. There are only 20 photo’s there right now, so again this looks like a new initiative, but one that should be applauded.

Nice work No 10 and thanks for giving us a look behind the gloss.

de-centralized me

I’ve been playing (a little) with Ovi over the past 24 hours and I’ve been having this nagging feeling about my media (mostly photos) ending up all over the place on the web. Reading Mike’s post this morning has shown that I’m not alone in this feeling of lack of control or centralisation. I don’t mind using different services, but I won’t them all to be pulled back to a single place.

Weekend in Cambridge

We’ll be packing this evening for a weekend visiting family just outside Cambridge over the easter break. The forecast says snow, which should make the easter egg hunt easy, just follow the footprints.

It’s the first trip where the N800 will replace my laptop, so I’ll looking forward to breaking out the bluetooth keyboard again. Not sure how much blogging I’ll get time for, but it’ll be there just in case.

My latest toy, the Jawbone bluetooth headset has been sent back to the shop as I got nothing but static connecting it to either of my phones. So I’m just hoping I had a dud one and it’ll be replaced. I’m looking forward to testing it in the car, but that’ll have to wait for now.

I managed to download and install joikuspot earlier in the week and it worked really well, it turned my N95 into a wireless hotspot and used the 3.5G network to great affect. Looking forward to the WEP inabled version, but it sure does much through the battery.

I managed to pick up 10 new followers on Twitter after I spent some time finding people talking about enterprise IT as oppossed to the normal consumer stuff. So if you’re one of them then hello and thanks for following me.

Right last conf call of the week in 6 mins, so time to go..have a nice easter!

T-Mobile Germany Ditches Nokia Devices in Fear of Ovi

Darla picked up on the news that T-Mobile is ditching Nokia handsets that can use Ovi, Nokia’s music and online media sharing site.

So all consumers in Germany that want a Ovi compatible phone now have to go elsewhere.

Unbelievable, there are lot’s of people that would like a S60 or N-series device on T-Mobile that would have no intention of using Ovi, think of all that lost revenue.

Secondly they could as do a lot of carriers mess with the OS and remove Ovi functionality.

So now if you want any of the new hugely promoted N-series phones in Germany you can’t get them on T-Mobile..nuts.

Twitter Updates for 2008-03-13

  • my weekend in Brigthon and trip up to Wembley on saturday for the FA cup semi has been ruined..we’re playing on Sunday at 4pm!! #
  • went to sainsbury’s yesterday, forgotten my wallet..when will I be able to buy stuff with my phone??..just add it to the phone bill #
  • @atmasphere where are you then? #
  • @atmasphere cool..i shall check your blog see what you’ve been doing up/over there #
  • wondering why there are lots of blogs about the telco industry but none by the telco’s themsleves? #
  • @benrmatthews and hello to you too!..your UK NXNW sounds interesting #
  • @jezlyn I just delete it, but if it happens again I do call them back asking to stop, politely sometimes. #
  • @benrmatthews yes NXNW sounds interesting..i’ll listen out for the #
  • my 4 year old daughter has figured out how my iPod works and has run off with it #
  • @patphelan you never know you might up with your own show! #
  • @RussB I just got the same spam, I mean email ..straight to trash #
  • @loiclemeur yes but it’s a fine line between joining the conversation and shameless promotion..@capgemeni is faceless right now #
  • @gapingvoid did i spot you in party scene of the video? #

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Dave Winer follows up on TWiT after emails from Nokia bloggers

So it looks like I wasn’t the only one shouting at their iPods this week. Dave has received a bunch of email putting him straight, he’s done a follow up.

What’s dissappointing though is the bad experience he had with the N800. It’s dissappointing that he felt that way about it and dissappointing that as a self proclaimed hacker he couldn’t make it work they way he wanted too.

I too have had problems with my N800 and my wi-fi, but I didn’t give up I tweaked the wi-fi, I changed the channel and it’s been fine. I think there must be too many wi-fi networks on the same channel.

Anyway, I glad there’s been enough pro-nokia bloggers out there that have tried to help him. But like I said in my post earlier this week. I’ve got working what’s he’s trying to hack together already in a single device, a Nokia n95.

Don’t give up on the N800 Dave, maybe it’s just too advanced for you 😉