When will Voice Mail die?

Voice mail was invented when people had just one phone at that was wired to the wall at home. If you’ve got one way of communicating leaving a message is ¬†fine, but when you’ve lot’s of options Voice Mail is almost redundant.

How many times do you get (or send) an email saying, I just left you a voice mail, but if you could sent me XYZ that’d be great..that kind of defeats the object of Voice Mail. The person now has to go into Voice Mail and listen to the first three seconds (that’s a great idea too) and then delete it.

Most people simply call back when they’re free again or if it’s really urgent drop you an email saying “hey would be great if you could call me this afternoon, really need to talk to you”

So if no one objects I’m going to take voice mail off my phone, so if you call and I don’t answer then try again a little later or drop me a text or an email and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Once a few people do it, people will get used to it and move on…RIP Voice Mail I say.