ok..so I’ve ordered just one

ok..so I’ve ordered just one NIC for the box, and I’m going to connect it up to the home LAN and see how things go. The HD on the box is still only 1GB so it’s a bit limiting as to what exactly this box can do, so I’m hunting around for cheap HD’s in the region of 20GB, that should be enough. One option mentioned today was a UT server…we’ll see. Maybe I could combine a UT2003 server and webserver in one, but I don’t know if a P75 chip would cope.

the keyboard has turned up,

the keyboard has turned up, but it’s still in the box, the box itself is also still in the box..not good. I’ll find some time soon to set it up running APACHE as the curent web server is becoming unreliable again…oh for a web server that just works!!