Location is coming to Touiteur

I wrote about Touiteur a day or so back and how good it was. But I missed Location, it’s not in there right now. I had a positive response on the ‘micro review’ and have spotted a few other people using the tool too. But I like the location aspect of Twitter and feel as if some functionality is missing. Actually it’s not a big deal, but I still feel as is I’m missing out. Twidroyd is about to get twitlonger support I noticed which is interesting. So this is a two horse race now, with Twidroyd just with it’s nose in front, come on Touiteur, you just told me location is coming.

Getting Google Buzz posts into Twitter

I’ve noticed a pick up in the use of Google Buzz and there are some great example of conversations like the good old days of Jaiku. As it stands you can pull posts from twitter into Buzz, but not from Buzz into Twitter. There are now a couple of tools to help you do this, buzz2twitter and buzzcantweet.

I’ve now tried both of these service and both failed to work for me, you might have noticed a couple of dull buzz tweets yesterday to see if it worked and nothing. So I hunted around and found another way to do it and here it is;

1) Launch http://profiles.google.com/me into a tab, which will redirect to your profile.
2) Copy your profile URL (e.g. “http://www.google.com/profiles/xxxxxx”) either your name or profile number, doesn’t seem to matter.
3) launch http://feedburner.google.com/ in a new tab and sign in with your Gmail account
4) Paste your profile URL under ‘Burn a feed’ right this instant
5) Click on next and then click Skip directly to feed management
6) Select the Publicize tab on the top of the page
7) Select the Socialize tab on the left (about half way down)
8.) Select Add a Twitter Account
9) Sign in to Twitter and click Allow to allow Feedburner to post
10) Change Post Content to “Body Only” (important!)
11) Select the Activate option and that’s it.

it’s based on Unni’s comment on Louis Gray’s post

Just check the feed that it shows your last 5 or so buzz’s and you’re good to go. I think it’s pretty quick to update, the only downside is it won’t let you (or I can’t find how to do it) add your bit.ly codes, otherwise works a treat.

Touiteur, maybe the best Android Twitter app

If’ your running with an Android device and are a twitter user then check out Touiteur (it’s twitter pronounced with a french accent). I’ve been a user of Twidroyd (formerly Twidroid), Seesmic, HTC Peep, Twicca (and a horrid looking one that lasted just a few minutes, but it’s name alludes me) for a day and this beats all of them in terms of looks and functionality.

The official twitter app, isn’t really a power user app, it’s away into twitter for the first time for people, who move onto the apps mentioned here.

The look and feel of Touiteur is nice, ie, dark with light font. The inclusion of threaded conversations is one of my fav features, when you go to the replies tab, it shows underneath the replies to the previous tweets all as part of that conversation, nice.

The widgets are pretty neat too, tap the corner of the widget to refresh, or leave it and it’ll refresh every 20 seconds.  There’s maybe not as much in the settings as say twidroyd and I miss the hit the bar to jump to the top of seesmic, but otherwise, it’s my new best twitter app.

I’m still looking for some of these to add in Google Buzz for instance, but they are coming on huge leaps and bounds, Gravity for S60 is still probably leader of the pack, but Touiteur is as good as it get’s on Android.

Twitter microposts for 2010-04-26

  • Ordered a car holder for the Desire, will be testing navigation, TomTom could find itself handed down to always lost younger brother. #
  • @Ratkat ah, ok will hang on to the TomTom then, but keen to see how Google maps performs. #
  • @arjunpar Desire has more memory and HTC Sense over the N1, but I prefer the track ball over the optical track ball, otherwise very happy #

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Twitter microposts for 2010-04-24

  • stripped out all pretty much all information from Facebook, now, don’t intend to de-activiate it, but there’s not a lot going in there now. #
  • right, I’ve got to go and pack up two parcels, been putting it off long enough. #
  • btw if you’ve got a HTC Desire and you want to add Google voice search back in, here’s how to do it http://bit.ly/9nt0uI #
  • I’m getting involved more than just tweeting, I just made a donation of my hard earned cash to the #libDems, http://bit.ly/afHQHu #ge2010. #
  • @elizabethjewkes hello, thanks for the follow back, I just donated, you got great feedback on the News last night from Chester hustings #
  • @PhoneBoy yeah, don’t want to remove presence, the contact sync is worthwhile on android, but justremoved key data about me #
  • @simon180 policies most match with what I want, smaller class sizes, postion on #debill, so thought try and do more than just voting. #
  • @simon180 @rossjones us android boys have got to stick together both technology and politically 😉 #
  • @rossjones ah, I assumed it was my political activities, ops…but @simon180 re FB, yes new changes are a little creppy, opt in by default #
  • @rossjones did you get any response re 2.1 from Orange or HTC? it’s pretty poor how it’s slipped, but froyo might fix issues, but long wait #
  • @simon180 sorry my fault then, i’ll blame it on being too early on a Saturday morning. #
  • #Harkers 🙂 #

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