Getting Google Buzz posts into Twitter

I’ve noticed a pick up in the use of Google Buzz and there are some great example of conversations like the good old days of Jaiku. As it stands you can pull posts from twitter into Buzz, but not from Buzz into Twitter. There are now a couple of tools to help you do this, buzz2twitter and buzzcantweet.

I’ve now tried both of these service and both failed to work for me, you might have noticed a couple of dull buzz tweets yesterday to see if it worked and nothing. So I hunted around and found another way to do it and here it is;

1) Launch into a tab, which will redirect to your profile.
2) Copy your profile URL (e.g. “”) either your name or profile number, doesn’t seem to matter.
3) launch in a new tab and sign in with your Gmail account
4) Paste your profile URL under ‘Burn a feed’ right this instant
5) Click on next and then click Skip directly to feed management
6) Select the Publicize tab on the top of the page
7) Select the Socialize tab on the left (about half way down)
8.) Select Add a Twitter Account
9) Sign in to Twitter and click Allow to allow Feedburner to post
10) Change Post Content to “Body Only” (important!)
11) Select the Activate option and that’s it.

it’s based on Unni’s comment on Louis Gray’s post

Just check the feed that it shows your last 5 or so buzz’s and you’re good to go. I think it’s pretty quick to update, the only downside is it won’t let you (or I can’t find how to do it) add your codes, otherwise works a treat.

4 thoughts on “Getting Google Buzz posts into Twitter

  1. Do you not lose a lot of fidelity posting buzz items, which can have attachments, to text only Twitter?

    Now that Buzz has an API it would make more sense to spend all the time in Buzz and just interact with twitter through buzz? Or is a lack of mobile applications a blocker?

    I guess I need to go back and give buzz another chance although maybe waiting for googleme might be a better move.

    • Yes, it’s tricky, but sending the posts to twitter in a sense alerts followers to a conversation that can take place.

      I’ve only seen the API being used for 3rd party apps such as tweetdeck et al, not for cross posting. But I guess that may change.

      GoogleMe sounds interesting, but I thought it’d almost be a mash up Profiles, Buzz and latitude, so all the pieces are there just not integrated well enough.

      Do you think people will move from Facebook to Google Me en masse?

  2. No, I doubt most would move without their network – which is possibly why more open twitters never took off, and the diaspora will have trouble growing to scale.

    I do keep my networks separate though, family on fb, friends and work on Twitter, with family the least likely to move.

  3. I do the same, work steered towards Linkedin and certainly no work pals on Facebook for instance, hence the latest privacy issue cause concern for people who do the same. I’ve got nothing to hide on Facebook, but still one’s for family and friends, the other’s work.

    It’s taken ages to persuade people to get on to Facebook so that you can share stuff and communicate, so asking them to move just want happen. I bet that’s what Facebook is going to rely on the inertia.

    Facebook also allows for data in easily but they’ve sued people who’ve created tools to get data out quickly. If it was easy to get data out then maybe people would find it easier to jump.

    Maybe Diaspora will be the answer, (there’s a business there helping people host their own profiles), but it may just be too difficult for civilians to use or even grasp.

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