Twitter microposts for 2010-04-24

  • stripped out all pretty much all information from Facebook, now, don’t intend to de-activiate it, but there’s not a lot going in there now. #
  • right, I’ve got to go and pack up two parcels, been putting it off long enough. #
  • btw if you’ve got a HTC Desire and you want to add Google voice search back in, here’s how to do it #
  • I’m getting involved more than just tweeting, I just made a donation of my hard earned cash to the #libDems, #ge2010. #
  • @elizabethjewkes hello, thanks for the follow back, I just donated, you got great feedback on the News last night from Chester hustings #
  • @PhoneBoy yeah, don’t want to remove presence, the contact sync is worthwhile on android, but justremoved key data about me #
  • @simon180 policies most match with what I want, smaller class sizes, postion on #debill, so thought try and do more than just voting. #
  • @simon180 @rossjones us android boys have got to stick together both technology and politically 😉 #
  • @rossjones ah, I assumed it was my political activities, ops…but @simon180 re FB, yes new changes are a little creppy, opt in by default #
  • @rossjones did you get any response re 2.1 from Orange or HTC? it’s pretty poor how it’s slipped, but froyo might fix issues, but long wait #
  • @simon180 sorry my fault then, i’ll blame it on being too early on a Saturday morning. #
  • #Harkers 🙂 #

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