Danon walks

The observer today suggests, in a comment article, that Pierre Danon has walked from his post at BT Retail. The article states there was ‘blood on the walls’ following a bust up at a BT board meeting. We’ll find out if it’s true soon enough.

Vonage UK

It looks like Vonage will launch in the UK this December which looks very interesting. The triple play is still the ideal that most providers are working towards but I think people want all three for sure, but they’ll want to buy which ever suits them and put that together into their own package.

The killer is still that if you want ADSL here in the UK you’ve got to have a BT landline and hence you’ve got to pay BT line rental…Come on where’s the naked DSL, then we can pick and mix.


On holiday this week.

I’ve taken some time out to clear out my inbox at home. I’ve been so busy at work that it’s got a bit out of control so I took a day out to clear out the inbox and 4 shoe boxes of stuff that accumulated over the past few weeks. Dave Allen, he of GTD fame, suggested it could take as much as a whole day!

I’ve also managed to do a bit of shopping and have written my wish list as it’s my birthday in two weeks…horah!

Treo 650 – a disappointment

Yep, the only difference appears to be a better screen and bluetooth. I don’t think that’s worth the upgrade. Same memory, same camera and no wireless support in my view not good enough.

I’m now very happy that I made the jump back to two boxes and ditched the jack of all trades master of none aka the Treo.


Reading the Guardian today and it mentions the launch of Geo yesterday. It says the Hutchinson Whompoa owned company launched with 5 customers. So this is why when we spoke to Hutchinson Network Services a few days back they were very cagey about there new presentations. Now I know why ..they were rebranding.