Truphone v3.0

Signed up for Truphone as I mentioned just made first call to a landline with it and very pleased.

I’ve been a bit slow to the Truphone party as I’ve used MS phone for the last few years, but I’m here now.

The only anoyning point is that when ever I open the email app a box appears saying trying to register Truphone or something..very annoying, otherwise good stuff.

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N95 Firmware flash to remove Orange

I got my post about Orange not branding their Nokia’s totally wrong. On the service the look of the phone can be changed by swapping to another Theme. However under the covers it’s a different story.

I tried to get GPS working whilst in the park and nothing. So it looks as if GPS has been nobbled. Next was the SIP or Internet telephony. I’ve always wanted to give Truephone a go and came very close to pulling the trigger on an N80 just to give Truphone a whirl. On the Orange N95 SIP has been removed, there’s a Truphone youtube video showing what’s missing.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m a fan of Shozu, well I installed it and took a pic only to see orange’s pic blogging app fire up. It didn’t take too long to find where the setting was to disable it, but it was a pain.

I tried to see if the NSU would have a newer version of firmware for the N95 but once plugged in the app said no newer firmware available. I guess they wait for Orange to update it and then provide it. So taking matters slightly into my own hands I downloaded the relevant apps to change the product code on my N95 to a Vanilla or Euro Plum to be precise. Then plugged it back into the NSU to be told that version V11.0.026 was available for download.

So about 10 mins later and I had a standard Euro Plum N95 with all modules in operation. I’ll try and write up the process in more detail later, but you can find the basic details here.

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The Blue light is gone

I’ve always liked my mobiles to have a small flashing let that let’s you know that all is well and the device is on. The n73 had a little blue light that came on after a while and gave you that reassuring blink that all was OK.

The N95 has dropped the little light which is a shame as I liked it. Past phones that have had a light have included (in no order) the er100, er500, T28, SPV C600, SPV M3100 and lastly the N73 I’m sure I’ve missed a couple out, but I do like the little flashing light.

Orange has dropped the re-branding of Nokia‚Äôs

When I purchased the Nokia N70 from orange I was horrified to find the branding had crippled the phone. Well it looks as if Orange have learnt there lesson and now only install an Orange Theme.

So if you’re thinking of getting an N95 and some of the later N73’s then you should fine just an Orange theme instead of the horrible branding, which is good news.

UPDATE – boy did I get this wrong!…GPS doesn’t work, no SIP either, a crappy photography app too, more later.

drowning in iPhone posts

I just fired up google reader mobile and nearly every other posts was about the iPhone which isn’t even on sale yet!

There’s way too much hype about this device.

I think I’ll take a few days away from the web until the hysteria has gone.

Phone Number 4

Since last June I’ve now been though four new phones and one old one.

(1) Bought N70 used it for one month didn’t like it.

Dragged SPV C600 back out of the cupboard.

(2) Bought SPV M3100 lasted one month crashed

Dragged SPV C600 back out of the cupboard

Heard about WM6 for M3100 flashed it and used for 1 month, still not stable enough.

(3) Bought Nokia N73 stable, great at pictures.

(4) Bought Nokia N95, so far so good.

Not a usual year granted and a big switch in there away from Windows Mobile. I’ll try and expand on some of the devices as and when I find the time.

the greaterIBM connection

As you may know I resigned form IBM a month back and today was my last day with the company. So I made the trip over to Manchester in the car which I’d cleaned all the junk out of and met up with my UK manager and RussH.

Now I thought that was the last of IBM for me, but it looks like IBM want’s to retain a connection with all it’s former employees through the ‘greaterIBM connection – once and IBMer always an IBMer’.

So it looks like I was wrong and a small part of me will always be an IBMer.


I managed to pick up an invite to Dopplr via contacts on Jaiku (Thanks again Karen) and have managed to set up a single trip. I’m looking forward to using it in anger so to speak once I’ve got back into traveling for work.

Dopplr announced via their blog that you can now add contacts from other social network sites including gmail, twitter etc which should make populating the tool with the right data a little easier.

I read a comment about Dopplr a while back, can’t recall who wrote it but it suggested that you should be able to go back and add old historic trips to it so that you can see where people have been. I like that idea a lot a single store point for all your trips. At the moment for me I try and geotag the photo’s on my flickr stream map but would prefer somewhere else to store notes, hotel reviews etc, travel tips that others could read.

Dopplr could expand to add that functionality and make traveling a little bit more stress free as you’d be able to catch tips and reviews before you travel automagicaly squirted into your reader.

Will Dopplr add this or have I just written a web2.0 site business plan