21 Tips for Road Warriors

Alexandra Levit has shared an exerpt from her book, They Don’t Teach Corporate in College: A Twenty-Something’s Guide to the Business World.  I think the exerpt is a wonderful reference for first-time business traveler [via businesstravel.about.com]

Number 4 is v.important..write down the terminal you fly from, before you arrive at the arrive at the airport…I’ve been caught out here before!


I’ll own up to being a tad late to the Skype party but I’m really impressed, I’ve installed it on my home PC,  I’ve even bought  a stack of credit to use for skypeout. I’ve got a softphone on my laptop, but to use it properly means adding a sixth phone number (others are, mobile, mobex (internal mobile) , office, office short code, home office..and not forgetting my assistants numbers too!) for me to my email sig….and that’s getting rediculous, so I haven’t really bothered but skype is so easy.

Level 3 is a candidate for bankruptcy

Level 3 Communications, Inc. announced
today that it has terminated its stockholder rights plan, commonly
referred to as a "poison pill." Level 3 Communications,
Inc. announced today that it has reached agreements to sell $880
million aggregate principal amount of 10% convertible senior notes due

Quite simply, the termination of the poison pill
simply takes away a takeover defense, and the move to increase its
capital base did anything but. Level 3 is a candidate for bankruptcy in
the years ahead, even though this offering has bought it some time. As
its business merely ‘stands still’ or even deteriorates modestly,
bankruptcy becomes an ever pressing issue.

However, Level 3’s shares climbed more than 20%
Tuesday given many believe it is prime takeover material because all
the low-hanging fruit of U.S. network infrastructure has already been
picked by acquirers. This takeover speculation is pure folly.

My reasons are quite simple: Outside of
takeover speculation, there is no bullish fundamental catalysts
whatsoever for a rising share price. None. Zero. Zilch. But there are a
collective host of negative catalysts that aren’t going away and will
in some cases accelerate.

To own this stock as an investment is pure insanity. [says  Richard Rhodes of Realmoney.com]

That’s a pretty dour picture painted for Level3 then. The last line is pretty damning " To own this stock as an investment is pure insanity"…cripes.


MCI doesn’t care for Quest

MCI chief Mike Capellas, after respectfully
acknowledging Qwest’s offer, told investors that his company was
committed to its pending deal with Verizon.
[via thestreet.com]

It looks like I was right, MCI want’s to work with Verizon. MCI and Verizon had to be the right fit for each other. An extra 1.5 odd billion now would be wasted, as the lack of synergies could result in greater costs and result in bigger pain when the companies merge if the deal isn’t right for both parties.

Colt says UK market slow

"We do not anticipate any significant improvement in market conditions during 2005,"  Said Colt chairman Barry Bateman. [via the register]

I starting to think that the US consolidation will come to the UK soon. There’s just too many Telco’s and not enough business to go around. Some of the big players are bound to start picking off the smaller players sooner rather than latter. Take london there are 42 fibre vendors alone, that’s just nuts. Colt just may be one of the Telco’s in good enough financial shape to kick the consolidation into motion.