The Trouble with Home Networking

David Pogue has some fun with his wireless router testing. One of the most frequent requests I get from friends and family is, can you help me set up my home network.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve helped my younger brother with his wireless network, a pal with his wireless network so that he can play PS3 games online without re-wiring his house in funky gray cat 5 and finally a small PR business with her wireless network.

I keep using the argument I’m no longer a techie but then they remind me that I run 3 wireless networks at home…ah. [via]

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Vonage CEO quits

It’s not good news when you’re CEO quits. He’s either fallen on his sword or leaving a sinking can make your mind up as to which one.

I wonder how many other Telco’s encouraged Verizon to sue over the patents used by Vonage..hmm.

I’ve always thought of Vonage as a service that you can get for free but some people decide to pay for under the illusion that they’d get a better service. [via]


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