The Trouble with Home Networking

David Pogue has some fun with his wireless router testing. One of the most frequent requests I get from friends and family is, can you help me set up my home network.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve helped my younger brother with his wireless network, a pal with his wireless network so that he can play PS3 games online without re-wiring his house in funky gray cat 5 and finally a small PR business with her wireless network.

I keep using the argument I’m no longer a techie but then they remind me that I run 3 wireless networks at home…ah. [via]

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Vonage CEO quits

It’s not good news when you’re CEO quits. He’s either fallen on his sword or leaving a sinking can make your mind up as to which one.

I wonder how many other Telco’s encouraged Verizon to sue over the patents used by Vonage..hmm.

I’ve always thought of Vonage as a service that you can get for free but some people decide to pay for under the illusion that they’d get a better service. [via]


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Gizmodo: N95 is Fisher price

Following on from my other comments on the long awaited Nokia N95, Gizomodo has a long review of the device and describes the device as feeling a bit Fisher price.

By that I assume they mean a little bit cheap and plastic almost toy like. So the device has poor battery and feels like a toy, not good comments for such a ground breaking device

I think the wow factor of this device will detract from it’s huge short comings.

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Cisco to pursue an aggressive M&A Strategy

Cisco Vice-President Ned Hooper will pursue an aggressive M&A strategy that will target bigger fish than the networking champ is used to catching

I don’t think that’s news, I thought Cisco always had an aggressive M&A strategy, they bought anything that moved. Anyway Hooper (39!) is going to have his work cut out finding the big plays and it’ll be interesting to see what it does against it’s biggest competitor, Huawei as they continue to grow and expand into other area’s including mobile devices (even if they have to copy someone else’s design).

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