Syncing Routes to a wahoo from

Syncing your Route to your Wahoo.

What you’ll need before you start.

  1. An iPhone or Android (smartphone) with the Wahoo Element app installed
  2. Ideally a PC/Mac is easiest to set this up on.
  3. The wahoo device that you’ve connect to your home wi-fi already.
  4. A “ridewithgps” account
  5. Optional – And a “strava” account – repeat step 3 with Strava rather than Ridewithgps.

Step 1 – Register for a “ridewithgps” account.

Note the username and password you choose on a paper.

Sign into the account (it’s free) on 

You should see ‘your career stats’ page, click ‘Routes’ (top left, FIND, PLAN, UPLOAD, ROUTES) if this is your first time using “ridewithgps” the routes list should be empty.

Step 2 – Open facebook select an event and click the ride route link.

Here’s the link for “Wax Lyrical” –

In the description of the “wax Lyrical” you should see this link

click that link, it will open the route in your “Ridewithgps” profile

In the top left corner you should see “More” as a drop down box, last options is “copy to my routes”

Copy it to you routes. (Keep the same name, it’ll append ‘Copy’ to it, but I deleted the word ‘copy’)

Go back to the “Routes” options and you should now see “Wax Lyrical” in your list of “Routes”

Step 3 – ridewithgps on the wahoo smartphone app.

Open the wahoo app on your smartphone and click – profle from the bottom menu bar (this is on an iphone)

You should see near the top “LINKED ACCOUNTS” select it.

This will open a list of Apps you can sync with your wahoo.

You may have already set STRAVA up to sync so you’ll see a tick next to STRAVA.

Select “Ridewithgps” and enter the username and password you noted down in step 1.

Click “Authorise” and progress until you see a tick next to “ridewithgps” in the list.

Step 4 – sync your routes.

Turn on the wahoo and cycle through the pages until you get to ‘map’ page you should see ‘ROUTE’ in the bottom left of the screen, select the Route option.

The screen should now show you the time, battery level and date of last sync and an empty list of Routes.

Select ‘SYNC’ middle button.

The wahoo should connect to your wi-fi network (you’ve connect it before right?) and sync your ‘Wax Lyrical’ route to your device.

Wait a few secs as it does its sync.

Now in the routes list you should see ‘Wax Lyrical’

The ‘wax lyrical’ route is now ready for you to use.


Other notes.

  1. A route can be started after you’ve pressed ‘START’ to record a ride.
  2. i.e. leave home, press ‘START’ to record the ride. Cycle to EVANS’s.
  3. At EVANS’ cycle through the pages on the Wahoo until you reach ROUTE.
  4. Select the Route ‘Wax Lyrical’ and the directions will point you on the route and continue to record your entire mileage from your home.