BYOD still getting mixed reviews

I keep reading about BYOD and nearly every article contradicts another; it’s cheaper, it’s more expensive, it allows users to choose devices, users must choose a device that works with our MDM platform.

Some articles indicate the users pays the bill, others they expense it, other use corporate provided sim cards. Some mention how they deal with expensive roaming, others neglect that hot topic completely.

Probably the best article I’ve read is this one from, have you seen anything better?

do you need a blog anymore?

I started this blog back in June 2003, so almost 10 years ago now, but back then there wasn’t a Facebook or a Twitter, I think there was a Flickr as I recall linking photo’s to this site pretty early on.

Nowadays, I seem to be spending my time reading posts via RSS (that killed off visiting blogs) and chatting via Twitter (that’s reduced comments/conversations on blogs).

A few days back I found myself thinking about the web back in late nighties. I felt something was missing, the app based internet has dulled the excitement of the internet.

The excitement of finding new websites, watching people build more and more interesting sites in innovative ways has gone. There’s a small buzz finding a new app that does something funky, but it’s not the same as finding a website listing all the secret codes for a gadget.

So those days have gone and I miss it, I miss visiting peoples web pages, I miss seeing people create things and share their passion on their site.

Today that passion is still there, it’s not gone away, it’s just that you don’t read about it on their site, it’s via twitter, an article in Greader, I think the internet has become too clean, too uniform, too sterile even, I loved the quirkiness, the bad selection of font colours.

Maybe the it’s because back then, the web seemed closer to the technology that made it work, you had to understand FTP, be able to write/edit HTTP by hand. You were closer to  internet. Today it’s all disconnected, a user had now clue of FTP, yes it’s easier, but it’s just not the same.

So that’s my excuse for not posting here as much as I used too, I’m elsewhere.

Bring back the text based frequently ‘under construction’ web please!

PS. I’m off to find a retro theme for this site.