BT strikes deal with Ofcom over future of UK telecoms

will not be broken up by Ofcom, and the regulator will instead use the
Enterprise Act and the threat of High Court action against BT if it
deems the company is discriminating against its rivals.


has agreed to a number of open market initiatives with Ofcom, the full
details of which will be published next week, before going to
consultation. These include BT setting up an independent operating arm
called Access Services, employing 30,000 BT staff.

aninteresting quickly will AS get off the ground?

Business Week

Interesting US and European slants on the news, I’ve been reading a lot of european news papers obviously based in europe and they frequently talk about how Airbus and how well it’s doing and how badly Boeing is doing. But I’ve just been reading an electronic version of Business week using zinio, and it’s being talking about how bad Airbus is doing….who do we believe..the US jurno’s or European Jurno’s?

catch up

Works been a tad busy recently so it’s taking up even more time, leaving less time to do some other stuff.

My SPV has gone back to HTC as the green handset button has stopped working, not sure if that’s a common failure or because my phones get a real work out. I’ve opted for the 28 quid ‘total makeover’ too, so I should get back a spanking new c500 without any scratches or dust under the screen.

New car update, driven to and from Norwich and Cambridge this weekend in the new car. It’s great, it’s got loads of cool features and is well thought out. Can’t get enough of it right now..sorry if that sounds a bit dull.

Huawei throws a big spanner into the 3G works

This made me chuckle a little.

Telecom operators across the world have spent
billions of dollars securing the 2GHz spectrum they needed to launch 3G
services. But now they may well find that they can launch exactly the
same services using existing 2G spectrum holdings in the 850MHz,
1800MHz and 1900MHz bands.

That’s the promise of Huawei Technologies and its so-called UMTS
multi-band solution, showcased to media at the Raffles Hotel in
Singapore yesterday.


I’ve been doing a bit of buying of gadgets for my bike over the last week. I’ve got a weekend cycling planned for the end of July so I’ve been upgrading some of the older parts of my bike and getting in as much cycling as possible.

The world of cycling is as geeky as computers, I’ve never know people get excited  talking about ‘facing’, ‘octalink’, ‘sag’ and ‘suck’ as MTBers.