Pulling the trigger on Twitter

I’m pulling the trigger on Twitter today and will slowly pull out of all things Twitter. I’m not the first by any stretch and I think Twitter has had it coming. Leo also pulled the trigger too, and I think it’ll be the start of the end for Twitter.

I just went to my Twitter page about five minutes ago and scanned through the first page and went to click ‘older’ but it’s grayed out so can’t go back.@ Replies are also down so of what use is it.

I’m staying with Jaiku of course, much much better and with a great S60 app easy to keep up to date whilst mobile and I’ll be using FriendFeed too. It’s a lot like jaiku but the comments are there on the main page as opposed to one level down.

So check out my FriendFeed and follow me on Jaiku….so long Twitter..I wouldn’t say it was a blast, it was OK.

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