Many parents now get domain names for kids too young to type has a post about parents that get domains for their kids that are too young to type. The post talks about people choosing the child’s name based upon which domain is free.

We didn’t go that far but we have the domains for our kids so that when they are older they can have a site of their own and an easy to remember email address.

Have you secured domains for your kids?

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Major Enterprise Wiki update

I’ve found the official corporate wiki in Orange which is fantastic news. I’ve setup an ID and waiting for a trial page, but it’s great news as it’s hosted properly and supported correctly.

The wiki is supported by a full document management system which is getting a major upgrade real soon which is also wonderful news for me.

So I’ll be taking my test box back and handing it back in for stock (and a rebuild) I’m really pleased on two counts, one I was able to set up mediawiki and make it work and that there is an official wiki within Orange.

Getting mediawiki working has rekindled my interest in linux and I’m now considering whether I can switch over to ubuntu as our main home system. As I twittered before, it looks like only iTunes would make a dual boot necessary.

I’m set to talk with the Knowledge management guys next week when I’m next down in Slough and I’m looking forward to talking with them.

Enterprise Wiki update

I installed Ubuntu 6.06 desktop version a few days back on the trial box I got from the tech team and have playing without too much luck with the LAMP setup. So I decided to start afresh and install Ubuntu 6.06 server edition and select the LAMP option.

I then walked through the setup of the mysql server, and the install of mediawiki and it all worked fine. A few tweaks later and all was setup and working great.

I’ve kept all my notes and the process I used to set the server up and will keep them until it’s hosted correctly.

But I’m chuffed that it’s all working and I’ll take it back down to Slough next week and set up on the network. I’ve got some security tweaks to do and the openssh server is installed so I can putty over to it and tweak until my hearts content.

I’m still trying to pin down the right person who knows about hosting within Orange, if it’s you or you know of the person then email me.

The new Nokia N95

I can only assume you’ve been hiding under a rock if you’ve missed all the press on the new Nokia devices and the new Ovi (door) to music and games.

In amongst all that is the new N95, which has more ram 81mb, a bigger battery 1200mAh (currently 950mAh) and a bigger screen. All great improvements that will make the N95 a great device.

Will I be upgrading to the new N95, I’ll never say never, but the current N95 is performing really well for me right now and I’m not having any problems with either the ram or battery life.

But if you’re about to splash out, hang on a little while and pick up a new n95.

I’m not going to say any more on the launch event as there is tonnes of buzz about the event which is all over the web.