40 for 40…just 5 to go

My last post was on my 40 different real ales this the year of my 40th birthday. I’d managed 30 up until a few days ago and then over the last fortnight I’ve managed 5 more..

  1. ?Eastgate Ale. Weetwood Brewey (a Cheshire business)
  2. Ossett Brewery Pale Gold
  3. Beartown kodiak gold
  4. Wrinkle brewery lord lucan
  5. Rebellion Smuggler (4.1% ABV), The Marlow Brewery

The fifth beer was at Heston’s Hinds Head in Bray on Tuesday evening, considering were it was poured it wasn’t the best of the bunch. So just short of two weeks left to go and it should be a breeze now, hopefully can leave just 1 to go for my actual birthday.

40 beers for 40 years..10 to go.

A little secret, this year I’m going to be 40, a bit of shock to the system but I thought I’d try and do something a little different through the year to make it a little bit special.

As I’ve ‘matured’ I’ve moved away from fizzy beers through to ones with a little more taste and substance, i.e. real ales.

I had thought about doing 40 for 40 as new and different foods, but thought that might get tricky into the thirties, brain and whale blubber kinda put me off that.

So I thought I’d do 40 beers instead..so it’s about 3 weeks to go, surely enough time to get the final 10 done.

The beers drunk so far….

  1. Blue Monkey. 16. 1. 10, Brewery: BG Sips
  2. Brimstage, Brewery Rhode Island Wirral
  3. Summer Wine Inferno, Holmfirth
  4. Marble Pint 3.9%
  5. Winter Belle Gertie Sweet Pale 4.5%
  6. Harveston Schiehallion Scotish 4.8%
  7. harvest pale ale Black sheep Winter.
  8. Pale ale acorn brewery
  9. Spitting feathers brewery – thirst quencher.
  10. Spring head, meltdown,
  11. Wharfbank Tether Blond, Yorkshire. 4.1%
  12. Ludlow gold 4.1% pale ale
  13. Crouch vale, Brewers gold
  14. Acorn Brewery – Barnsley Gold
  15. Northern – what is it, Malt golden beer
  16. Roos eps Yankee. From York
  17. Acorn White oak, very pale
  18. Arbour light
  19. Dark Beauty
  20. Titanic stearage
  21. Ossett Yorkshire Blonde
  22. Bridge of Allan, Sporran warmer – blonde ale, creamy
  23. Hop Garden Gold, Hogs back brewey
  24. Golden sheep – Black Sheep Brewery
  25. Golden Delicious – Burton Bridge brewery
  26. Sharps Cornish Coaster
  27. Farmers Blonde
  28. Facers Clywd Gold
  29. Fullers Organic Honey Dew
  30. Hop Garden Gold

Only 10 to go…can I do it?

Back to Compton Pool, for the 5th time

We’re off to Compton Pool again for a long weekend at the Farmhouse, it’s turning into a bit of an annual Family event, we have to thank my Mum for that. This I think is our 5th visit to Compton Pool and I’m sure it’ll be great again.
Ann and John are always great to their guests and it’s an award winning destination. It even appeared on Sarah Beeny’s developer program as the model of how to develop a holiday home.
Anyway, as always we’ll look forward to it and it’ll all be over too quick!