Got recommended this piece of software by another palm user at work, mNotes. It’s for synching your Notes with your Palm. I’m currently using the evaluation version but it appears to work really well. Well better than the Lotus software I’d been using before.

deep fried treo

My Treo is still only half rebuilt. I haven’t put back a few bit’s of software as I can’t decide whether I need them or not. The WEA pilot I’ve been taking part in, which allows you to get your Lotus Notes anywhere is on the list of apps that I can’t make my mind up over.

I’ve bought Backupman as I just can’t take the risk of frying the Treo whilst out and about.


I’m back in IBM Weybridge for the next few days trying to close out 3 contracts with UK Telco’s on the $1bn deal that I’m working on. The MPLS network provider will be talking up most of my time, but it should be interesting. The sooner this contract signs the better. We’re all itching for it to get out into the public domain, who, what, how much etc.


I’ve been reading 43 folders and I’ve liked some of the tips that they’ve posted. So I decided to bite the bullet and buy the book. Now I’m not saying I’m rubbish at organising myself but I thought it worth while seeing what all the fuss is about. I’ve already done some course in personal time management at work and taught them the odd trick.

However, I’ve created a new category GTD.