IBM set to snap up network management vendor

A tip off from a friend made me check my Google alerts this morning to find this;

The company said it planned to add Micromuse’s technology to its
line-up of Tivoli management software to help companies better manage
services such as videoconferencing for remote workers or streamed music
for cell phone customers

Great news, we’ve been looking at Micromuse and I’d had a couple of meetings with them. [via]

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In the material world

Google’s spaces looks pretty interesting. I wonder if they are offering free wireless access around the space? any one know??

The post is right, there are so many people waisting the down time at airports.

Next time I’m in Heathrow I’ll go check out Google spaces, I’ve got a trip to Dublin in January and possibly another to Germany and the Netherlands later in the month. [via]

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Ericsson & outsourcing

Ericsson is doing pretty well right now and they are doing something that is pretty interesting, running Telco’s networks for them. [via]

Mr Svanberg estimates that 3 to 4 per cent of the world’s mobile
networks are managed by a third party. According to Ericsson, the
current value of outsourced telecoms services market is $55bn, with
telecom operators spending another $145bn a year on internal operating

“The 3 deals in Italy and the UK are triggering
events,” Mr Svanberg says, adding that outsourcing the maintenance of a
mobile network can help operators reduce their operating costs by a

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Worldwide Telecom Industry Growth Expected in 2006

According to a new study titled The 2006 Telecom Industry Review: An Anthology of Market Facts and Forecasts and conducted by research firm Insight Research,
the global telecom industry revenue will reach $1.2 trillion by the end
of next year, with continued strong growth in wireless communications
leading the way.

Great news. I think Wireless and RFID is going to be where a lot of growth in 2006. [via]

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Orange not getting the N90

I was in the Orange store in Chester last week ending having a look at the current range of Orange Mobiles when I asked when the Nokia N90 would be coming to Orange. The Phone Trainer, that’s what they call the sales people in Orange stores, said that it had failed the Orange product test and therefore they wouldn’t be stocking it. Shame.

This takes me back to when Orange first launched and there was a choice of 3 phones phones and they never stocked Ericsson phones for ages due to quality issues.

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AT&T strikes new deal with 11k workers

US telco AT&T Inc. looks to have headed off strike action by more
than 11,000 workers following a "tentative agreement" with the
Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the International
Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

It was only last month that SBC Communications completed its $16bn merger with AT&T. Not exactly a great start following the creation of a new company. [via]

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