Vista difficult by default

We’ve been using Vista now for a few weeks and my overall all opinion is that I’m glad I never paid to upgrade to this. The Vista we’re using, home premium came on the new PC we bought and is shiny but doesn’t offer any real benefit over XP. I’m tempted to go back to XP, but not sure how the license plays out, will look into it.

The problem I have is that everything is just more difficult, the menu’s on explorer boxes are hidden by default, you have to unhide them. I’ve hit the first install problem with a webcam that won’t install, so my Seesmic account is untried right now as a result. My wife who also uses the PC complains that it’s difficult and she’s having to relearn stuff which is wasting her time.

To top it off we bought Office 2007 too and that is very different UI to Office2003, changing the font is a chore, so that isn’t helping to make the switch to Vista seamless.

The ideal solution that I guess I’m unlikely to see is a version of Apple OS, Leopard, that I could install, but I’m guess the tied in hardware is something Mac want’s to keep. I wonder if you could do it the other way and install Leopard into a virtual machine on the PC..hmm.

BTW was up at 4.15am this morning and left the house at 5am, which is way way too early to start a work day.

Twitter Updates for 2007-11-26

  • ok..all urgent items dealt with so first coffee of the day. busy day today, need to fit a GTD review in at somepoint inboxes are overflowing #
  • @atmasphere OS2008 for N800 cool, just in time, finally my N800 get’s shipped tomorrow.can’t wait. #
  • flashing N95 to V20 firmware.. #
  • just cancelled spinvox for voicemail, not accurate enough..ended up ringing people back and getting names wrong. #

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Canon D400

For those of you paying way too much attention to my life stream, you’ll have noticed that I’ve purchased a new camera.

After a toss up between a Nikon and the Canon I plummed for the Canon (aka Digital Rebel XTi) as it’s more popular and a larger crowd can’t be wrong. I’ve read the manual twice and still some stuff goes over my head, put I’ve now moved off auto and around to the creative settings. Playing with the depth of field is my current interest and making shots of people stand out by making the background go all fuzzy.

I’ve also purchased a 50mm prime lens for it too, this has made an impact over the stock lens for portrait shots, so I’m happy. The next purchase will either be a decent zoom to get in close and take those candid pics without people noticing or a macro lens to get in close and produce some spectacular flower shot’s but that may wait till the summer as there’s very little in the way of bloomage around here right now.

So watch out for me playing as the adverts go.

New firmware for N95 & N800

Nokia have obviously been very busy in the code writing dept recently as today saw the release of the new firmware for the N95 classic as it’s become know. v20.0.0.015 has been released which improves RAM handling and a few other tweaks.  First major improvement I’ve noticed is the camera, flick the switch and the camera starts up much much faster now. There are a few other little additions in the menu’s ngage and my nokia to name two. So all in all a welcome update of this awesome device.[via]

The second piece of firmware released today is the OS2008 for the N800, I have no comments to make on this upgrade as my N800 doesn’t ship (fingers crossed) until tomorrow. However, as soon as the N800 is delivered I’ll be upgrading the device as soon as possible. [via]

Twitter Updates for 2007-11-23

  • just what I’ve been waiting to fall into my lap – – how to send video from N95 #
  • @cyberetto have you had any responses to sending video from N95?..I’ve been thinking exactly the camera in pocket why need a pc #
  • @cyberetto we should ask loic directly I’m sure he’ll have a plan to open up access to seesmic fom video enabled devices surely. #
  • @cyberetto maybe shozu could add seesmic as a video option..I’ll ask Loic when he appears online #
  • @steverubel yep we’ve got a little "Received SMS" counter under the "Updates" in the column on the left. so you know how many you’ve had #

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Twitter Updates for 2007-11-20

  • just finished meeting with customer here in copenhagen, checking mail and starting on the actions #
  • @roam4free is the 3 skype phone wi-fi or VoIP or 3G? #
  • @roam4free I’ll type that the 3 skype phone wi-fi or ‘VoIP over 3G’? #
  • @alexmore ..ah I there’s no need for any other network (wi-fi) then to use skype, just 3’s own network.. #
  • so why has 3 skype phone suddenly taken off, other nokia’s on 3 have access to skype bundled…is it the price point or the intergration? #
  • @dahowlett I wonder who the IT sub contractor doing the work was?..I’d guess EDS they had a huge amount of government contracts #

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