Syncing Routes to a wahoo from

Syncing your Route to your Wahoo.

What you’ll need before you start.

  1. An iPhone or Android (smartphone) with the Wahoo Element app installed
  2. Ideally a PC/Mac is easiest to set this up on.
  3. The wahoo device that you’ve connect to your home wi-fi already.
  4. A “ridewithgps” account
  5. Optional – And a “strava” account – repeat step 3 with Strava rather than Ridewithgps.

Step 1 – Register for a “ridewithgps” account.

Note the username and password you choose on a paper.

Sign into the account (it’s free) on 

You should see ‘your career stats’ page, click ‘Routes’ (top left, FIND, PLAN, UPLOAD, ROUTES) if this is your first time using “ridewithgps” the routes list should be empty.

Step 2 – Open facebook select an event and click the ride route link.

Here’s the link for “Wax Lyrical” –

In the description of the “wax Lyrical” you should see this link

click that link, it will open the route in your “Ridewithgps” profile

In the top left corner you should see “More” as a drop down box, last options is “copy to my routes”

Copy it to you routes. (Keep the same name, it’ll append ‘Copy’ to it, but I deleted the word ‘copy’)

Go back to the “Routes” options and you should now see “Wax Lyrical” in your list of “Routes”

Step 3 – ridewithgps on the wahoo smartphone app.

Open the wahoo app on your smartphone and click – profle from the bottom menu bar (this is on an iphone)

You should see near the top “LINKED ACCOUNTS” select it.

This will open a list of Apps you can sync with your wahoo.

You may have already set STRAVA up to sync so you’ll see a tick next to STRAVA.

Select “Ridewithgps” and enter the username and password you noted down in step 1.

Click “Authorise” and progress until you see a tick next to “ridewithgps” in the list.

Step 4 – sync your routes.

Turn on the wahoo and cycle through the pages until you get to ‘map’ page you should see ‘ROUTE’ in the bottom left of the screen, select the Route option.

The screen should now show you the time, battery level and date of last sync and an empty list of Routes.

Select ‘SYNC’ middle button.

The wahoo should connect to your wi-fi network (you’ve connect it before right?) and sync your ‘Wax Lyrical’ route to your device.

Wait a few secs as it does its sync.

Now in the routes list you should see ‘Wax Lyrical’

The ‘wax lyrical’ route is now ready for you to use.


Other notes.

  1. A route can be started after you’ve pressed ‘START’ to record a ride.
  2. i.e. leave home, press ‘START’ to record the ride. Cycle to EVANS’s.
  3. At EVANS’ cycle through the pages on the Wahoo until you reach ROUTE.
  4. Select the Route ‘Wax Lyrical’ and the directions will point you on the route and continue to record your entire mileage from your home.

10 things I’ve learnt after a few months with a Surface pro 3

I recently shifted from a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon over to a Surface pro 3 (i7 512GB and 8GB ram) and here are 10 thoughts after a few months with it…

1) it’s fast.

2) I don’t carry my ipad any longer, as it’s a great weight and size.

3) the pen, I just don’t use it, can’t get with writing on the screen, have used Evernote, must try harder here.

4) the keyboard, it’s less bouncy and more ‘notebook-like’ flat on the desk, rather than inclined, grown to like it, it’s not a ‘buttery’ smooth as the X1’s but it’s good enough (flat)

5) the screen adjusts brightness according to ambient light, so no additional app like on a mac needed.

6) battery life is great, not sure it’s 10hrs but beats an X1.

7) trying to unlock the device without the keyboard attached is a game of chance, a really annoying and bad experience.

8) the usb slot on the power brick is a great touch.

9) the screen quality is very good, better than the X1’s.

10) no sim card slot ..that’s a very odd omission for a ‘mobile tablet/hybrid’ and I miss that from my X1 which had a 4G SIM in it.

11) sorry.. only one control key (it’s on the left) means hitting CTRL-Home in spreadsheets is a two handed affair.

Are the re-fresh cycles for corporate handsets changing?

In the era of Blackberries, corporate email (although important) didn’t add value to the device enough to make the user care deeply for the device. Jumping forward a decade, the fact the corporate provided device now has family pictures and an individuals music collection, the value of the device to the individual has risen significantly, to the point where a user will spend his/her own money to personalise and protect the device.

More and more users purchase cases for their corporate approved device and the complex (for the average user) of switching handsets makes upgrading time consuming and tedious. The fact a case has been added to protect the device (that contains family photo’s) also means handsets are better protect and less likely to be damaged.

So I can see handset refresh cycles slowing as users hang on to their devices for longer which will be a double edged sword for the enterprise. Less spend on hardware, but it becomes harder to maintain an up to date fleet running the right level of secure firmware.

Connection Managers for S60

I’ve been playing with the two main connection managers for S60, Psiloc Connect and Birdsteps Connect. The idea of these apps is that they manage the connection your apps use, for example when at home they will prefer the faster wi-fi, but when there’s no wi-fi i.e. when you’re out and about, they switch to 3G.

So they make chosing which connection a set and forget expierence and they also help when you travel as you can remove the GSM access point from the list and only use wi-fi thus reducing the cost.

The Birdstep app is available for free in Downloads on the e-series devices, which is where I first found it. Birdstep’s app let’s your create an access group and uses that to manage your connections, so if you set your home wi-fi as your top access point it’ll allways try that first.

The plus point with the birdstep app, smart connect has an advantage over Psiloc’s app, in that it appears in the access list group as a GSM access point. Psiloc’s app appears as a wi-fi access point in the list, this causes a problem for those apps that only allow GSM access points to be used. The S60 Jaiku app for one, doesn’t work with the Psiloc app as it doesn’t use wi-fi access points. The jaiku S60 app uses the birdstep app just fine.

So with Birdstep you can set all your apps to be managed and use the quiker and less power draining wi-fi whilst at home. Whereas the Psiloc app can only manage those apps that can use any access point.

As regards roaming across access points, I’m not sure if this works for the Psiloc app, but I know it doesn’t with the free birdstep app. I was hoping that it allowed my device to roam seamlessly from wi-fi when I stepped outside and the back to wi-fi when i returned. That doesn’t happed with the free Birdstep app, it just sticks on GSM.

I’m going to try out the full birdstep app, smartroam on my phone in the next day or so see how that deals with roaming. The web site indicates it roams seamlessly and doesn’t require any intervention interms of network selection.

So if you’re always switching networks and want an app to manage the connection selection for you give either one of these apps a try.

New sports kite

We’re off on vacation soon and the kids have decided they now like the kite that was bought for them as a present.The kite which was a present is a single line kite and pretty boring once it’s flying. So I’ve picked up a wing style sports kite from Symphony, it’s 1.2m’s wide and has two lines so can be flown and made to do more tricks. I’m not sure our eldest who’s soon to be five will be able to fly it on her own, but maybe with a little help, might be able to make it do some cool stuff.

Blognation goes a little too hard on VW

Blognation wrote a post entitled Lose Customer Trust in One Easy Step: Volkswagen Demonstrates here

I don’t think that they made it clear what the actual problem was and just sensationalized the story by saying it was VW, when it wasn’t, it was his local dealership.

Anyway I left them the following comment trying to explain where I think they went wrong. I have to disclose I have no relationship with VW whatsoever but have had several VW’s and have just ordered my fourth.


I think you’re being a little unfair to VW here. You didn’t deal with VW you dealt with a channel, in this case a bricks and mortar dealer, who just says “it’s volkswagen here” to make it easier for customers.

Your problem should be with the dealership and not VW themselves. You’ve not thought this through. VW did not ignore your request, The VW dealer in santa monica or it’s parent company LAcarGuy ignored it and you should say that.

Are you going to say I hate Microsoft, if you buy a Dell PC with their demoware on it? No you’d say I hate Dell

Volkswagen didn’t ignore your request LAcarGuy did and you should take it up with them. Nobody would read your post if you said I hate LAcarGuy, but if you say I hate Volkswagen you get a bigger audience, so we know why you did it.

Anyway, don’t give up on VW because a dealer sucks, hit them where it hurts and move to another, but tell them why first.

I thought this post was topical because Chris Brogan had posted about his love for the Saturn another car and how big companies should use social networking. I think there’s enough there for another post on that subject..we should have facebook style directories within enterprises for sure.

Scoble, I’m relegating you from my A-List bloggers.

I’m sorry Robert, but you’ve just become like any other tech blogger out there.

I think you’ve lost the usp that made me want to read your blog. You blog had weight when you were at MS, I don’t think it has the same ‘weight’ now.

When you were at Microsoft it was really cool to see what was going on in the inside. Living the whole naked conversation thing, the real purpose of blogs, having the conversation between people, whether it’s an individual or a group of people.

So good luck with Tech podcast ..I can’t remember the real name (not a good sign), it was nice knowing you and I’m sure you’ll do great, but you’re no longer on my ‘must read’ list. Maybe I’ll come back sometime down the road, but for now…

Thank you, I had a great time and goodbye.

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