a matter of trust in business

A keynote from Peter Sondergaard SVP Gatner, ended with the phrase “may the computing force be with you” but spent a great deal of time covering the topic of social computing and trust. In terms of social computing and it’s clearly ‘much more than just adding a Facebook logo to your web site’ was a key message from Gartner, a hugely respected thermometer of trends, was “do not put in place a policy or technology to inhibit this”, those that do will be big losers.

The example of a major Norwegian packaged food manufacturer was used and a little know fact that 18% of Norwegians eat pizza on Christmas eve. The IT department had engaged with its consumers and was talking parts in conversations with them. As a result of engaging with it’s customers a signal was picked up that ‘paprika’ was not liked in many of its pizza products. This signal identified through trusting the IT department to engage led to the development of a product that excludes ‘paprika’. This paprika-less pizza has gone on to be the biggest selling product in the range.

The trend of social computing was the number one trend highlighted by Gartner, the ability to engage the consumer and allow them to contribute to the business is not to be ignored. Technology can enable trust to be managed, revisit behaviors as the world is changing

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I mentioned Jaiku a while back, with a little bit more time on my hands this week I’ve been able to install it on my Nokia N73 and have a play.

I like the presence aspects and location reporting.

It’s very much a microblogging tool, for stuff that’s too trivial to make it here.

Ken has written three part comprehensive review of the new beta app (which unfortunatly is a closed beta). I’m looking forward to that app as it offers way more interaction than the current version.

You will have also noticed (you may not have noticed if you read via an aggregator) that I’ve added a Jaiku presence button to my blog.

My Jaiku micro blog is here

IBM’s Blog guidelines

Finally IBM has posted it’s guidelines for bloggers..here. I’ll have to read them through and make sure I’m OK or see if I can push the envelope out a bit further.

One thing I’ll be doing is changing my disclaimer so it reads "The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions." as per the guidelines.

What’s in my bag

From ejhdigdug

I find the flickr tag "what’s in my bag" interesting, it’s great to see into people’s bags and see what they carry around with them. I used to carry a whole heap of junk as a techie, serial cables, cisco roll over cables, screwdrivers and other assorted junk.

I’m determined to have a go doing one, maybe tomorrow, before I leave. But it’ll be dull as I try and travel as light as possible.