3 architectures for triple play

This is an interesting article on the architecture behind the triple plays that we will be seeing soon.

We have seen monumental shifts in our field in the past two decades,
but those might be just a tune-up for the battle of the titans that
will be unleashed by the telco Triple Play initiatives. Hopefully the
telcos will succeed, because the consumer deserves some relief from the
cable companies’ virtual monopoly on home entertainment
[via RedNova.com]

France Telecom – leading the field

France Telecom appear to be leading the telco field right now. They have a substantial national business, and International business using the Equant brand and a mobile operation, Orange which is an excellent brand. They also own Wanadoo the UK’s largest ISP. So they’ve got a quality portfolio of brands across the telco market place. The reason for the musing’s on FT was that I read that they are trialing WiMax too..France Telecom Trials WiMax..

I was talking to one of my team in Paris the other day and he mentioned that FT was going to launch Tripple play (IPTV, DSL and Voice)  in the UK under the Wanadoo brand, a bit of a kick up the back side for BT.

Stuttgart Airport..wiating!

I’m currently sat in Stuttgart airport waiting for my flight home. I forgot my travel charger when I got up at 5am this morning, so I managed to borrow one from the BA exec lounge desk which is lucky. But it’s a british, to american to north european, so it’s ahnging out of the socket! But hey needs must my TP is 100% charged now!!

People are starting to come to the gate so got to run..and I’m sure some one will know my dodgy cable out.

MCI part 13

It looks like the MCI takeover by bidders Virizon and Qwest has turned into a slanging match.

The bid battle between Verizon Communications and Qwest Communications for control of MCI, the second-largest US long-distance carrier, has quickly become a slanging match between the two rivals. [via ft.com]

It looks like it’s over for Qwest…I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I’ll be glad when this is all done and dusted, the winners again will be those pesky merchant bankers sitting on an even bigger pile of cash this time.


I’ve got some homework to do, there’s a new deal on the horizon and I need to understand the regulatory position of the vendors we could use. So I’ll be spending a considerable amount of time loitering around the OFCOM site. I’ve been trying to avoid diving too deeply into the regulatory stuff but the time has come to dive in.


I’m off to Stuttgart tomorrow morning, 6.50 flight out of Manchester. I’m off to see my Region Manager for Central region, Peter and his team. We’re going to be looking at a few things while we are there including some new deal stuff, a couple of problems with a carrier and a look at the business compliance stuff we’ve been working on.