I’ve got some homework to do, there’s a new deal on the horizon and I need to understand the regulatory position of the vendors we could use. So I’ll be spending a considerable amount of time loitering around the OFCOM site. I’ve been trying to avoid diving too deeply into the regulatory stuff but the time has come to dive in.


I’m off to Stuttgart tomorrow morning, 6.50 flight out of Manchester. I’m off to see my Region Manager for Central region, Peter and his team. We’re going to be looking at a few things while we are there including some new deal stuff, a couple of problems with a carrier and a look at the business compliance stuff we’ve been working on.


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The Evans household has got an Espace for a week and a bit. The BMW’s going back soon, so it’s time to check out some new cars. Lainey loves it, it’s got the full length sun roof so she can spot airplanes in the sky from her seat!

Flickr (sucks) doesn’t do delete

I upgraded to Flickr pro the other day as I, like most people have been impressed by it’s ease of use and general fun theme. However, my views of it been great have reduced to my views being it’s just good now.

I started uploading around 300 of our photo’s to the site using the tool, when it crapped out. I then tried to quit the tool, but it asked if I was sure as I still had some photo’s to upload. So I clicked OK try it again assume it was clever enough to just continue uploading the failed photo’s. It then crapped out again and asked the same question which I happly clicked to say yes please continue.

To my horror I found that it hadn’t been that clever it has simply started again..So I now have over 1000 photo’s of which there are 3 copies of 300 family photo’s..bugger.

I then thought no problem, I’ll just use the mass delete function and clear them all out..nope…there’s no such tool…you have to click delete under each photo…utter nightmare..
So I’ll be writing to them soon to ask for that functionalilty to be added. But they may read this if they do a "flickr sucks" such of technorati.

So Flickr is a good tool with some minor glitches right now…now where was I ..ah yes page 33…delete….delete….delete..