Truphone call quality

If you haven’t already noticed I’m off on vacation soon and were we are going there’s little GSM/3G coverage at the cottages, but it’s got wi-fi. So I’ve put Truphone back onto my N95 and I made a call this evening to test it out and the call quality as improved since the last time I used it.

I used Truphone before, but it was never retained on my phones as the call quality wasn’t that great. But I was very impressed with the call today and I may keep Truphone around for a little while longer this time. Plus I’ve 10 bucks of credit left that I need to use up to!

Ultra Mobile blogging

I picked up an Asus Eeepc a few days ago and today I picked up a 3 mobile broadband dongle for the 3 store in Chester. So now I’m fully equipped for our vacation and just about any eventuality.

I’m not going to write a huge review of the Asus as there’s a ton of those out there or the 3 broadband dongle either, but I’m very impressed with them both so far and can’t wait to actually take them on the road.

I’m traveling to Paris tomorrow with work and thought about leaving the work laptop behind and taking the Asus, I only need access to email and as we’ve now moved to Exchange we’ve now got OWA which is great. So there’s no need to lug a huge Dell. but being the corporate citizen I’ll leave the Asus behind, plus I don’t want to confuse the guys at the airport having two laptops.

Oh I nearly forgot the track pad on the Asus is awesome, you can use two fingers swiping down it to scroll down and there’s a few other tricks with it to, such as ‘pinching’ to zoom in and out…. it’s cool.

Proporta bought me a drink!

My Proporta Mobile USB charger just turned up and in the package was an Earl Grey Tea Bag!

The device is pretty neat too, it used mini usb to charge, so I can carry just one mini usb cable around (the same one as used to connect the Phone to the PC) and I can use my CA-100 mini USB charge to connect my N95 to the Proporta device as well as using it to connect to my PC. So the only bit of extra kit I have to carry is the white unit itself, great.

Oh and thanks for the drink Proporta!

3’s Mobile broadband

This is a bit tricky as I work for Orange, but I was checking out 3’s mobile broadband products and they look pretty neat. Why you looking at 3 you ask, well, I’ve got unlimited data on my Orange account, but there are places where it’s not great or there’s no coverage. Therefore having a different operator as a provider means I can cut down the number of places where I’m out of coverage.

The other reason I was looking was, that I’ve been thinking of picking up a 9" Asus EeePC, and pariing that with the mobile broadband dongle would provide a pretty awesome mobile too. Anyone else tried this or using this setup?…any pitfalls?

Now if only I could remember who 3 uses as it’s roaming partner when there’s no 3 service, it used to be O2?