Who needs a CIO?

Chris Anderson (author of the long tail) has written a post on his view of the CIO’s and their relevance moving forward.

This follows on from a post I wrote back in May 2004, “Will we need IT support in the future?” which was prompted from reading Peter Cochrane’s post “Are IT departments doomed”.

But I still agree with the idea, people will start to want direct unhindered access to the web and to their mail.

I’ve lost the link to a recent post about IT Security departments going nuts about people forwarding their email to Gmail etc to get easier access to their mail. This is because newer web2.0 tools give greater functionality than corporate tools can provide.

This is an interesting trend when you work in an IT Services business. [via Techmeme]


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Frankfurt, Germany

off to Frankfurt for a couple of days tomorrow lunch time. We’ve got our quarterly alliance meeting with AT&T covering the quarters operational issues and issues specific to Germany this quarter, hence the trip to Frankfurt.

Flying Lufthansa out of Manchester, not flown with them before, so it’s another carrier I can tick off the list.

Tom Tom One

I splashed out on another gadget yesterday, slightly behind the crowd on this one as it was the hot Christmas present of 2006, but hey, can’t always be first.

Anyway, I’ve only just regained my calmness as the software supplied with the device is very very poor.

The install app still has the name of the company that provides it on it, the help manual has a ‘ your logo here’ message on it. It all looks like a huge rush job for Christmas.

So if you buy one, don’t install the software of the CD in the box, download it off the Tom Tom web site and install that instead.

If you do you’ll save the hour or so of head scratching I went through trying to make stuff work.

Right I’m off to install the John Cleese voice..

is IBM in the Network business?


I saw this question, or a version of it, in an email today, we’re trying to renew a large contract and somebody had written that ‘networking wasn’t a core competency’

This drove me a little nuts, sure Networking is a core competency, how else do they think all the servers talk to each other?

Networking is a bit like Electricity, when it’s working it get’s taken for granted, when it stops people go nuts as they can’t do anything.

Anyway, yes we’re in the network business, we’re not going to build our own network like we did before and then sold to AT&T in 1999, but we’re in the network game for sure.


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Scoble, I’m relegating you from my A-List bloggers.

I’m sorry Robert, but you’ve just become like any other tech blogger out there.

I think you’ve lost the usp that made me want to read your blog. You blog had weight when you were at MS, I don’t think it has the same ‘weight’ now.

When you were at Microsoft it was really cool to see what was going on in the inside. Living the whole naked conversation thing, the real purpose of blogs, having the conversation between people, whether it’s an individual or a group of people.

So good luck with Tech podcast ..I can’t remember the real name (not a good sign), it was nice knowing you and I’m sure you’ll do great, but you’re no longer on my ‘must read’ list. Maybe I’ll come back sometime down the road, but for now…

Thank you, I had a great time and goodbye.

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