Telefonica Agrees to Purchase O2 for $31.5 Billion

Telefonica SA, Spain’s biggest
telephone company, agreed to buy U.K. mobile-phone operator O2
Plc for 17.7 billion pounds ($31.5 billion) in the largest
acquisition in the European phone industry in five years.

Buying O2 will give Telefonica 25 million customers in the
U.K., Germany and Ireland, bringing the total count to more than
165 million.

This news came out about an hour ago and I heard it in the car whilst droppling Lainey off at Nursery. Very interesting news and Iguess we’ll see how they compare now to the FT group.

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inbox after a vacation

Having just come back from a four day trip to southern spain (28 degress…hmm) I know what this post is getting at, how to clean out your red inbox.

My big tip here is to start with the most recent emails and work backwards. That way you can deal with the latest version of a hideous chain email and then just detail all the earlier versions. Secondly it stops you responding to something that may have already been resolved. There’s nothing worse than banging out an email and then reading one a bit more recent that says exactly what you said.

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podcast sync issues

I’ve been thinking that something was wrong with either iTunes or my iPod recently as I haven’t been able to get the podcasts that iTunes downloads to sync across to my shuffle.

Well it turns out you can’t just sync them across with a shuffle, you have to manually move them across. That sucks. Luckily I haven’t ditched my ipodder app just yet so that’s doing the business fine.

I’ve no idea why you can’t just sync across podcasts on the shuffle..any ideas?

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SBC got a good deal in AT&T

In the post Ma Bell rides again, Om talks about how SBC got a real bargain in the price they paid for AT&T. There are two big culture differences that could create some interesting developments. SBC will have the mentality of a small regional bell, where as AT&T is a global business with a global view point. Could there be problems in the creation of a single business with the right focus?


Back from 4 days in Spain. A nice 28 degees C. BMIBaby was good and no problems.

I saw the news that Ericsson was going to buy Marconi in a bar and was a bit surprised as I thought that H company was going to pick them up. Maybe they didn’t need the brand after all.

Not sure what else I missed as I’m still catching up.