Roaming with the Treo 600


I just thought I’d record some notes about roaming with the Treo 600. Overall it worked well, it flashes between the network providers name and the word ‘roaming’ to let you know you’re using another network.

GPRS worked well too, both via Orange CH and Swiss GSM, but we’ll see what the bills come in at. The charger worked well to, you simply removed the three prong UK piece and slide in the two prong European piece.

The MP3 player came in handy on the plane and Tiger Chess kept me distracted once I’d had enough of my book.

The only thing I struggled with was the city app. It lets you adjust the clock by telling it which city you’ve moved to. But as the meetings in my agenda where for UK time, it just moved them out by an hour. That’s fine if the meeting was in Zurich, but it meant that the time of a UK based conf call was out by an hour, not good. I guess one way to get over this would be to have a city option with the agenda so that when you create an entry you leave it as the default, say London, but when you create a meeting and you adjust it so that the base location will be Zurich for example. Then when you move the city it says, ah, this meeting is already planned for Zurich time I’ll leave the time alone…maybe?

But on the whole, the Treo has really grown on me. I struggled with its size for a while but its functionality now means that it’s the first thing I pick up after my car keys.

Last week in Zurich

I spent last week on a Management course at the Zurich Development Centre. The location was outstanding and the venue can only be described as outstanding too! You can find out more here. The bit that got me, was that the Lounges had rows of fridges stocked with wine and beer and you could just help yourself, it was a real struggle not to go mad!

Nortel to quit making Hardware

Nortel is looking to sell it’s hardware devision. Nortel got it’s self into all sort of financial trouble recently and now they plan to sell off their hardware making division, I’m not so sure it’s a good idea, but they must see a bigger picture.