The E71 is back as the king of phones

..well it is in my view. Having had an E71 from WOM ages ago, I was seduced by the keyboard and the screen, but the camera was a little flaky. I purchased one back in September of last year and enjoyed using it, but the poor camera ruined the experience for me. Having two kids, the camera is an important element of the phone for me, so the E71 found itself on the shelf, replaced by an N95 8GB.

@Ratkat not a great difference, lighting different, you can see an improvement was old this is new

However, as you may have read there’s been a new firmware release and it’s fixed the camera. Check out the photo’s in the above tweet and you’ll see the difference. The E71 has pretty much everything as a device, granted the keyboard on the E63 is better, but fixing the camera and losing the purple tint has made the device much more complete.

So for me the E71 is back as the king of phones, the N95 8GB has found itself confined to my gadget basket along with the N70, SVP C600 and so on.

3 thoughts on “The E71 is back as the king of phones

  1. I *DO* love my E71 too.

    But – I also love my iPhone (so much better for e-mail and consuming media)…..

    and I also love my INQ1 (GSMA Handset of the Year 2009) for it’s cleverness and the fact that you can buy 7 of them for the cost of one E71!

  2. Hello Rob, great post but my quesiton refers back to the N95 8gb, how has your photographic experience been with this phone. Currently I have the E71 but I’m considering purchasing a secondary device to photoblog and I’ve had several NSeries phone but have not had an all around experience. I first the N82, superb camera and video but the battery would not last at all, especially after the most recent firmware, so I sent it back to Dell. Then came the N85 and the overall experience was positive but the phone had some hardware issues, end result, back to Dell. So now I’m jonesing to snap some pics, I’m kind off a photographer aficionado and I did like the results of the two aforementioned Nokia’s and as I said above I’m considering the N95 8gb for two reasons:

    1. Its got a nice price right now
    2. Superb keyboard and screen size.

    I’m interested in your thoughts.

    Thanks in advance,

    Dr. L

  3. Hey Jorge, that would be a wise choice, to get a N95 8gb right now because the price is just right. It would be king of all phones, if you have E71, N95 8gb and the iPhone all combine together =P
    E71 alone cannot win in every aspects, such as camera for example..

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