Google Navigation and an iPad on the Tube

I’ve been travelling around London today and on one of the legs of the journey, a guy on the Tube pulled out his iPad, not sure what he had in the way of connectivity, we were underground, but nobody pointed, nobody stared, nobody seamed that interested…the novelty has warn off already.

Anyway, traveling to my meetings, I’ve been using Google Navigation, it’s great, you simply enter the postcode on your laptop/desktop, check it’s the right place and then save it to my maps, when you get near to where you need to be, just fire up Google maps, select layers, my maps, select the saved map and bingo, the address you need to get to is highlighted. You simply select it and choose navigate if your walking or directions if your driving.

Two strange offices found with a minimum of fuss, having a device this integrated and with you all times is just awesome.

Looks like Google ME is real, even though I was fed up with the hype yesterday, it looks real, so imagine the integration with location that Google can provide and their own handsets, it looks like a more interesting platform than facebook. I just hope they get the privacy right (buzz started out on the wrong foot) though.

right, it’s fast approaching beer o’clock…the pub is in my saved maps, I’m off!

Will the iPad be used by Corporations?

We’re just days away now from people getting their hands on Apple’s latest product the iPad, a tablet device or appliance about twice the size of the iPhone. There is speculation that it’ll sell 6M units in 2010 which is a pretty huge number for what essential is a locked down appliance.

So where will all those devices go? Most if not all will go to the same people that (religiously) buy Mac books and Mac book air’s. I guess that most people will buy them to consume media whilst traveling or just sitting on the couch for instance watching episodes of Lost bought from iTunes, but who else could buy them?

We’ve seen the iPhone creep into the Enterprise at the expense of Blackberry (which ironically is creeping into youth culture with it’s built in IM app). How many emails do you now seen in your outlook inbox with the words ‘sent from an iphone’ at the bottom, I see a growing number. There is a view that the iPhone is a consumer device more so than a business supplied corporate handset, but due to it’s ease of use and the size and scope of the  “there’s an app for that” store, we’re seeing it creep in as the power users phone of choice.

The ability of the iPhone to encroach into the enterprise shows that the iPad may well enter markets that it’s not initially aimed at too. Take the Text book market, text books are expensive (or they were when I last bought one!) and they are heavy to carry around. We’re already seeing text book publishers’ work with software companies to bring their content to the iPad. So could we see School, Universities, and educational establishments in general take up the iPad as the device of choice to provide the educational content?

I’m not sure if iPad will creep into the corporate environment as a lot of content creation goes on and at the moment the keyboard is king. However, I can see Apple selling a lot more than 6m iPads over the next few years into a whole host of new markets as it’s an easy to use/manage/upgrade wireless appliance with what looks like a great screen. What does this mean for the Telco’s; it means yet more networked devices requiring a pervasive network and ubiquitous computing creeps ever nearer.

Also published on Orange Business Live Blog.