Google Navigation and an iPad on the Tube

I’ve been travelling around London today and on one of the legs of the journey, a guy on the Tube pulled out his iPad, not sure what he had in the way of connectivity, we were underground, but nobody pointed, nobody stared, nobody seamed that interested…the novelty has warn off already.

Anyway, traveling to my meetings, I’ve been using Google Navigation, it’s great, you simply enter the postcode on your laptop/desktop, check it’s the right place and then save it to my maps, when you get near to where you need to be, just fire up Google maps, select layers, my maps, select the saved map and bingo, the address you need to get to is highlighted. You simply select it and choose navigate if your walking or directions if your driving.

Two strange offices found with a minimum of fuss, having a device this integrated and with you all times is just awesome.

Looks like Google ME is real, even though I was fed up with the hype yesterday, it looks real, so imagine the integration with location that Google can provide and their own handsets, it looks like a more interesting platform than facebook. I just hope they get the privacy right (buzz started out on the wrong foot) though.

right, it’s fast approaching beer o’clock…the pub is in my saved maps, I’m off!