The Scoble post

This might turn out to be the next big game in blogging, but we’ll see. I’ve made a note of all my referrers and bandwidth used, so we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, to the point ….Robert Scoble had pointed out that linking works to generating enw traffic to blogs

The question really is … is the blog good enough for the new traffic to stick?…we’ll see.

I also know how many people subscribe to my blog (via bloglines) so we can see if any traffic stays.

Hello, if your new here!

RSS Reader of Choice

I’ve finally found the time to get the RSS feed reader working again. After the debacle of having to download a piece of software twice, notebook and desktop and then having to enter all the feeds twice, I’ve moved to Bloglines. It keptappearing in my visitor stats and I was impressed with it’s layout and now it’s ease of use.

I’ve now set up a few of my bookmarks in it and I can access it from either machine …cool.

Google’s blog

Google has gone and started a weblog, now that they own Blogger it’s no great surprise. However, it looks like you could Google for the film of the American, Nicholas Berg, being beheaded, oh dear. The apology is here and an explanation as to how it happened. It looks like they’ve dropped all links to the site showing the execution, which isn’t a bad thing, but I wonder if Google was put under some political pressure, who knows? Anyway that’s enough politics for one day.

Whilst checking the link to blogger I noticed it’s had a pretty radical overhaul, looks loads nicer than it used too. I’ll go back and check out the features as my own personal blog is with blogger.