Wiping memory cards

Our vacation is fast approaching so it’s time to get the kit sorted out ready. I’m currently wiping all the CF memory cards for my Canon 400D, that’s 2 x 2GB and 1 x 4GB cards, which is plenty even shooting in RAW for me. We’ve got a wedding down in Cardiff straight after our vacation, so I’ll save one of the 2GB CF cards for that.

There’s one micro SD card that I’m not wiping, in fact I’m trying to cram as much onto as possible, I bought an 8GB micro SDHC card a while back for my N95. So I’m using double twist to strip out the DRM from my iTunes purchased tracks and convert them to MP3’s so I can drop onto the card.

The E66 does have an improved email client

Despite what people have been saying Nokia must have improved the built in email client of the new E series devices. I’ve been using the E66 and have set up the email client to use imap with gmail and it’s worked perfect for the last week. The idle works as it should, it sits there waiting for new mail and the server when it receives mail pushes out to the client.

I switched to using the N95 email client yesterday and that has the newer settings but it doesn’t do idle correctly. This evening I’ve swapped over to my E61i and that has the old settings still and doesn’t do idle at all, it didn’t even check with the server in the 5 minute intervals I set.

This is shockingly bad implementation of imap from Nokia and with gmail now offering imap and Apple flaunting imap as the real push email solution Nokia needs to fix this in the firmware release for the current phones. They obviously can do it and have done so with the E66, but they need to fix it on the not so new devices.

So if you haven’t got a new e-series, forget imap and go with exchange, if you’ve got a new e-series dump exchange and go with idle and manage a single inbox…goodnight.

Pulling the trigger on Twitter

I’m pulling the trigger on Twitter today and will slowly pull out of all things Twitter. I’m not the first by any stretch and I think Twitter has had it coming. Leo also pulled the trigger too, and I think it’ll be the start of the end for Twitter.

I just went to my Twitter page about five minutes ago and scanned through the first page and went to click ‘older’ but it’s grayed out so can’t go back.@ Replies are also down so of what use is it.

I’m staying with Jaiku of course, much much better and with a great S60 app easy to keep up to date whilst mobile and I’ll be using FriendFeed too. It’s a lot like jaiku but the comments are there on the main page as opposed to one level down.

So check out my FriendFeed and follow me on Jaiku….so long Twitter..I wouldn’t say it was a blast, it was OK.

Freeing yourself from E-Mails Grip

There’s a great article in the New York Times about Luis Suarez and his use of social networking tools to reduce his email. It’s a great article as it’s a huge sales pitch on how IBM can help your business become more productive by installing the social network tools that help.

I’ve written before on Facebook in the enterprise, as has JP in much more detail, but it’s clear that social networking tools work and that it’s the topic or subject is what people congregate around. So social networks could work in the enterprise around the topic of the business and Luis mentions IBM’s Facebook-like application.

I’ve worked for IBM and now work for the France Telecom group, two huge organisations and I’m convinced that more social tools within these organisations could only benefit their operation. IBM’s adoption of these tools an willingness of it’s managers to adopt them is a great sign that it works. [via]

Share Online v3.0 and location tagger

I upgraded the share online app on my N95 the other day to the new version 3.0. That added a nice little comments and new photo’s tracker to the homw screen and allows me to read the comments on my flickr pictures on my N95 which is great.

I also installed the Beta App location tagger, it requires that you fire it up before you take your picture so that it can get a GPS fix whilst you’re focusing and taking your pic. You need to adjust your Flickr to accept meta data with GPS co-ordinates, which was easy enough.

So all I need to do is test it out, shame I’m laying off the travelling as much as possible right now.

No 10 is on the social

Just going through my Google reader when I read JP’s street cred post, No 10 is on twitter. That’s pretty cool and it’s obviously pretty new as they are replying to @responses.

But one of the tweets also states they are on Flickr too, so my regard for the people behind the shiny black doors goes up a notch or two. There are only 20 photo’s there right now, so again this looks like a new initiative, but one that should be applauded.

Nice work No 10 and thanks for giving us a look behind the gloss.

de-centralized me

I’ve been playing (a little) with Ovi over the past 24 hours and I’ve been having this nagging feeling about my media (mostly photos) ending up all over the place on the web. Reading Mike’s post this morning has shown that I’m not alone in this feeling of lack of control or centralisation. I don’t mind using different services, but I won’t them all to be pulled back to a single place.

Whatleydude’s Joy of Ku

Over on SMS Text News guest blogger James Whatley or Whatleydude to his adoring fans has posted on his “Joy of Ku”. This being his love for Jaiku.

First off – without presuming too much – a brief explanation:

What is Jaiku?

* Micro-blogging (like twitter)
* Limited to 140 characters (like Twitter) to your first ‘Jaiku’
* Jaikus start threaded conversations (unlike Twitter) with no character limit (unlike Twitter)
* Jaiku also enables ‘Presence’ from your S60 handset: Location + Phone Profile + Latest Jaiku
* Jaiku as a feed aggregator – pulling in all your feeds into one single ‘life stream’
* An ‘active’ contacts book, when futurists debate the address book as being key to any user’s daily life, Jaiku is often looked upon as leading the way
* And above all, a community…

There is a link in there to the Jaiku Invites site, as Jaiku is invite only at the moment.

My comments on Jaiku v Twitter as they are the two often compared is that Twitter is where the big names are and it’s a micro-blogging tool, you get the odd response to your posts. Jaiku on the other hand is a micro-blogging tool but you post and lot’s of people comment, the conversations are bigger on Jaiku.

So if you want you want to micro-blog take your pick, if you want to have conversations then get yourself an invite to Jaiku. I confess to using both as they each offer something ever so slightly different to each other, but if I didn’t like Jaiku I wouldn’t have written this post.

This is me on jaiku and twitter, add me if you want and start a conversation.

TWiT 134 drove me nuts

Like Tabletblog, I listened to TWiT 134 and found my self shouting at my iPod several times. Tabletblog had a problem with them not thinking of the N800 as the suitable podcast device. What Tabletblog didn’t mention and almost makes it worse is that Dave Winer has an N800.

But I agree with Tabletblog there was no mention of the podcast client for S60 and everything they discussed is available right now. It also drove me nuts with Dave trying to hack up solutions to make twitter do stuff that Jaiku already does.

The other item I was shouting at the iPod was Dave’s flickr screensaver flickfan and his hack to make RSS feeds of news feeds appear on his screen. I can only assume he doesn’t use google to look for the tools he needs. I confess, I wish I could hack up these tools, but I can’t and there’s not enough hours in the day to do this stuff when it’s already out there. I have a screensaver that pulls pics from my Flickr RSS feed plus some news feeds too. Took me 5 mins to search, download and install.

Otherwise, TWiT is as entertaining as always.

Fire Eagle

I’ve managed to snag one of the Dopplr beta invites to Fire Eagle, Yahoo’s new location service. I wouldn’t rush to track down and invite as there’s nothing there right now. The web site is pretty basic, with a promise of a gallery of applications of which there are currently none.

The idea is good, it’s a step further that the standard vague location you get on some other apps, but there’s a lot of work to be done. I expect to see either small apps that push your location upto Fire Eagle on regular intervals or we’ll see apps or services that suck your location out of those services that are already in place.

Take Jaiku for example that has location information based on cell tower database information, or Twibble with it’s ability to post to twitter either your approx location “L:Chester” or you exact co-ordinates via intergration with your built in GPS, which I wrote about a few days back.

I think the intergration with apps already in place or use is the best approach but we’ll see. I think we’re taking another step down the road towards location based advertising. For me I think it’s great that my friends and family can access a page and see where I am in the world accurate to within a few minutes. For me right now I’ve connected my Dopplr (if you’re not on Dopplr you’re missing out it’s great) to Fire Eagle and watching the gallery to see what turns up next..do you want a bet, Jaiku or Twibble (twitter) intergration, who’ll be first?