Nokia E71 a two handed device.

I’ve been using the E71 for a couple of days now and I don’t know what to think, but something is nagging at me, that maybe this isn’t the perfect phone I’d hoped it would be. It may be just me and how the device is used rather than the device itself being at fault.

Let me try to explain, it’s as simple as some phones need only one hand to be operated, and some need two. The E71 (and the E61i) is for me a two handed devices, ie, to get the best out of it you need to use two hands (or two thumbs) to type, you can’t reach with your thumb in one handed operation mode to keys on the other side of the keyboard, it’s just too big. The E66 on the other hand (no pun intended) is a one handed operation device, which I think is where my head is in terms of devices that I need to use.

I had this same debate with myself a few years back, at the time I had a Treo and it too has an excellent thumb keyboard but it just required two hand operation and after considerable deliberation I swapped the Treo for a (HTC) Orange SPV C500 running windows mobile, which was a much smaller candy bar phone, but it only required one handed operation.

So part of me is saying this E71 is a great device, the battery is awesome, the keyboard (for two handed operation) is great and it’s damn fast, but part of me is saying do I want to have to stop what I’m doing something or let go of something in order to respond to a message, as that’s what you have to do if it’s a two handed device, let go of the handle of Air France shuttle bus, no chance. There’s plenty of occasions when two handed use is just impossible, carrying your suitcase and laptop bag when getting off a plane, phone one hand, laptop bag the other, respond to message, no chance.

Maybe it’s about what you use the device for, if it’s a blackberryesque laptop replacement and typing out emails then two handed operation is the speedier way to go, responding with one line emails and the odd SMS, then one handed and T9 is the way to go. It’s about what you need for a device, is it a laptop replacement or is it a phone. I think I’m in the one handed operation camp, but  Let me give it a few more days use and I’ll have a think again, but at the moment, if you put too devices on the table right now, the E66 and the E71 I’d take the E66, let’s see if my thinking changes over the next week or so.

Which camp or you in… single handed T9 speed merchant or two thumbed typing deamon?

Share Online v3.0 and location tagger

I upgraded the share online app on my N95 the other day to the new version 3.0. That added a nice little comments and new photo’s tracker to the homw screen and allows me to read the comments on my flickr pictures on my N95 which is great.

I also installed the Beta App location tagger, it requires that you fire it up before you take your picture so that it can get a GPS fix whilst you’re focusing and taking your pic. You need to adjust your Flickr to accept meta data with GPS co-ordinates, which was easy enough.

So all I need to do is test it out, shame I’m laying off the travelling as much as possible right now.

God Helg ramblings

Sorry about the title of the post, but it’s the name on the front of the bottle of water sat next to my laptop, must be good stuff. Anyway, I’m here in Halmstad, visiting the customer tomorrow and the day after. My drive across the bridge was uneventful and the Tomtom western europe maps worked a treat.

Driving on the right takes a little bit of time to get in the swing of things but it soon comes quickly. My hire car has heated seats, like my car at home, which is great on cold mornings, -3.5 this morning in Chester.

I’ve been twittering about how slow the hotel (Quality Hotel, Halmstad) network (telia homerun) is so you’ll see those tweets float past soon.

My flight was delayed two hours which is great, the couple behind me basically turned around at CPH and went straight back home as they’d missed thier meeting slot, shame, think of the global footprint.

There are now two geek events in London over the next few weeks, WOM in early march and Mobile Geeks of London towards the end of Feb. I’m not sure I’ll make either, but we’ll see.

Need to figure out how to VPN back into my home network and then out again, to get to iPlayer and 4oD, to watch some telly whilst traveling, but I don’t think this network could cope so no big deal today.

My recent push to blog more has failed, have some work related news, but can’t say anything just yet, sorry. So just rambling today to get something out there, but my google shared items should be full of new stuff related to either Orange or the land of telco.

Right, signing off, kids woke us up at 5.10 this morning and have been travelling all day so, ttfn.

Halmstad for three days


I’m off to Halmstad, Sweden on Monday, I fly first to Copenhagen, pick up a hire car and drive across this bridge.


I did the trip with someone else driving a few weeks back and didn’t see the bridge at all as it was dark going (5.30am) and foggy coming back. Hopefully this time I’ll get to see a little bit more of it.

I’m going to the HQ of the customer I’m supporting and spending the three days working with them and an external consultant. I’m not sure whether I’ll take my Canon DSLR, but I’ll take the N95 for sure, so if there’s no fog I’ll take some pics.

Nokia Maps 2.0 Beta

I’ve installed the beta of Nokia Maps 2.0 and I’m having a few troubles. The first one and the main one is that it take ages to find a signal. Sometime it’s seconds other times it just refuses to find a signal and sits there searching for 5 minutes or more. That’s a show stopper really. I was in Paris on Tuesday and had to walk from the office to the La Defense RER stations and tried using Maps 2.0 to find it. The search found the station, but the GPS signal just sat there. I walked all the way to the station without it working. Not good.

The second minor niggle is the alert that pops up to tell you that you’re not online, even when the setting is always go online. It’s a minor niggle and it needs fixing. But I can live with it, I can’t live without a quick GPS signal lock on.

I had though about using it in Sweden on Monday, but decided I can’t risk it and have downloaded all of Western Europe for my TomTom instead.

I know it’s a Beta product but I hope somebody on the testing program has also had this problem and reported it.


I managed to pick up an invite to Dopplr via contacts on Jaiku (Thanks again Karen) and have managed to set up a single trip. I’m looking forward to using it in anger so to speak once I’ve got back into traveling for work.

Dopplr announced via their blog that you can now add contacts from other social network sites including gmail, twitter etc which should make populating the tool with the right data a little easier.

I read a comment about Dopplr a while back, can’t recall who wrote it but it suggested that you should be able to go back and add old historic trips to it so that you can see where people have been. I like that idea a lot a single store point for all your trips. At the moment for me I try and geotag the photo’s on my flickr stream map but would prefer somewhere else to store notes, hotel reviews etc, travel tips that others could read.

Dopplr could expand to add that functionality and make traveling a little bit more stress free as you’d be able to catch tips and reviews before you travel automagicaly squirted into your reader.

Will Dopplr add this or have I just written a web2.0 site business plan


We’re off on Holiday next week and I’m planning on going with as little technology as possible.

I’m going to take my phone, iPod (specifically for the car), Tom Tom (again for the car), tablet DVD player (once again for the car) and that’s it.

So gadgets for the car only really, I’ll be able to check my mail and update comments via the excellent browser on my Nokia N73 and check out my feeds via Google mobile reader.

Back around the 16th/17th of June.

There’s one gadget that we missed out from the list above on purpose a camera. Our Digital camera is a 2 mega pixel beast that we’ve had for a long time. Both Em and I have mobile’s with 3.2 mega pixels on, Em a Sony Ericsson Cybershot K800i with 3.2mega pixels and me with a Nokia N73 with 3.2 megapixels Carl Ziess camera.

Some of the photo’s will appear on my Flickr pages.

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The Frankfurt Steak House

During my stay in Frankfurt we made a trip to ‘the Steak House’. It’s not a place to go if you’re a veggie or if you like well done steaks. I asked for mine to be cooked ‘medium to well done’ only to be told “medium will do”.

Huge steaks, huge portions,the place was packed for a Wednesday evening, lot’s of American accents obviously getting a taste of home.

So, if you’re in Frankfurt and fancy a steak there is no other place.

Frankfurt, Germany

off to Frankfurt for a couple of days tomorrow lunch time. We’ve got our quarterly alliance meeting with AT&T covering the quarters operational issues and issues specific to Germany this quarter, hence the trip to Frankfurt.

Flying Lufthansa out of Manchester, not flown with them before, so it’s another carrier I can tick off the list.